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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Forster believes the truest way to look at a novel is by examining the author's what?
(a) Notes.
(b) Past.
(c) Meaning.
(d) Structure.

2. Boon is a parody of whose writing style?
(a) James Joyce.
(b) Henry James.
(c) H.G. Wells.
(d) D.H. Lawrence.

3. Who does Forster say is a character type that is seen in many Henry James novels?
(a) Maude.
(b) Mama.
(c) Missie.
(d) Mamie.

4. Who is the author of Zuleika Dobson?
(a) Percy Lubbock.
(b) George Meredith.
(c) Thomas Hardy.
(d) Max Beerbohm.

5. How does Forster say he would answer the question, "What does a novel do?"
(a) Sadly.
(b) Disgustedly.
(c) Jubiently.
(d) Angrily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Forster surmises that the character Moll was born out the author's experience in _____________.

2. Who is the author of Boon?

3. Who tries to abolish time in a novel according to Forster?

4. The second line of thought about the future comes when the speaker is feeling what?

5. According to Forster, Moby Dick should be seen as a what?

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