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Lesson 1 (from Section 1)


Section 1

In his series of lectures at Trinity College at Cambridge University, E.M. Forster begins with a tribute to William George Clark. The objective of this lesson is exploring how Forster uses William George Clark to lay the foundation for the premise of his lecture series.


1. Discuss as a class who William George Clark was. What is Forster's tone as he discusses Clark's accomplishments? What is the purpose of giving so much detail about Clark's career? What is Clark's connection to Trinity College?

2. Discuss as a class Clark's guidelines for the lecture series. How are they simultaneously vague, yet somewhat confining? What is Forster's first reason to invoke the name of Clark? What is his reason to reject these guidelines? What is Forster's tone at this point in the lecture?

3. In a brief essay, sum up Forster's reason not to stick to periods of...

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