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Watch one of the movies that have been adapted from Forster's novels (Howards End, Passage to India, Room with a View) and then discuss what of Forster's aspects of the novel come through in the movie.


Create a poster advertising Forster's lecture series at Trinity College. Make an attention grabbing ad that will attract students to the lectures.

Reality TV

Create a reality talent show for television where novelists are judged on how well they use Forster's seven aspects of the novel.

Your Own Aspects

Create your own seven aspects of good literature.

Art Project

Using any medium, create a piece of art that represents one of the central themes of the book.

Graphic Comic

Create a graphic comic based on Forster's lectures.


Write a blog with several posts for E.M. Forster. Use photos and symbols in your posts.

Change Time Period

What would...

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