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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gets angry and insults the black men in Chapter 52: “Darl”?
(a) Anse.
(b) Darl.
(c) Jewel.
(d) Dewey Dell.

2. Dewey Dell says in Chapter 30: “Dewey Dell" that the land runs out of Darl's eyes and swims to what?
(a) The sea.
(b) Pinpoints.
(c) Mountains.
(d) The sky.

3. Who walks across the remains of the bridge as the others prepare to take the wagon across the ford in Chapter 33: “Tull”?
(a) Cash and Darl.
(b) Tull, Anse, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman.
(c) Jewel, Cash, and Dewey Dell.
(d) Cash, Darl, and Jewel.

4. Vardaman gets up from the pallet to see about what in Chapter 49: “Vardaman”?
(a) The chickens.
(b) The mules.
(c) The buzzards.
(d) The cows.

5. Who goes to the Bundren's wagon to tell them about the bridge in Chapter 29: “Samson”?
(a) Samson.
(b) Dewey Dell.
(c) Tull.
(d) Quick.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Dewey Dell imagine killing as she rides in the wagon in Chapter 30: “Dewey Dell”?

2. Addie says in Chapter 40: “Addie” that she could remember how her father used to say that the reason for living was what?

3. Whose money does Dewey Dell say the $10 was in Chapter 58: “Dewey Dell”?

4. Who asks to take a bathroom break before the Bundrens enter Jefferson in Chapter 52: “Darl”?

5. Anse exclaims to Addie that she’s lucky why in Chapter 58: “Dewey Dell”?

Short Essay Questions

1. What suggestions are made for crossing the river in Chapter 31: “Tull”? How are the suggestions received?

2. How are the animals saved from the fire in Chapter 50: “Darl”?

3. What does Vardaman think about the setting and situation in Chapter 56: “Vardaman”?

4. What thoughts occupy Anse Bundren as the family travels in the wagon in Chapter 28: “Anse”?

5. What is foreshadowed through Anse’s actions in Chapter 53: “Cash”?

6. What does Darl discuss in Chapter 57: “Darl”? What is symbolized through this monologue?

7. How does Dr. Peabody react to Cash’s injury in Chapter 54: “Peabody”?

8. What implications do you discern from Anse’s introduction of his children to “Mrs. Bundren” in Chapter 59: “Cash”?

9. What symbolism can be seen in Jewel Bundren’s actions in Chapter 36: “Tull”?

10. What happens between Dewey Dell Bundren and MacGowan in Chapter 55: “MacGowan”?

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