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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Elisha amazed to find even on death row?
(a) The Rabbis still believe the faith will survive.
(b) The Roman soldiers treat the Jewish prisoners with dignity.
(c) The Jewish prisoners are on death row.
(d) The Rabbis have lost their faith.

2. When does Elisha hear Charicles the philosopher speak at Antioch?
(a) During a festival.
(b) As soon as he returns to Antioch.
(c) Before leaving Antioch for the last time.
(d) Many years later.

3. What vow does Elisha make to Manto before she dies in his arms?
(a) He will love her forever.
(b) He will tell Rufus she loves him.
(c) He will find Rufus and aid him in his war efforts.
(d) Nothing will stop him from completing his great project.

4. What has Akiba predicted about the Roman Empire?
(a) The Roman Empire will change some day.
(b) The Roman Empire will never fall.
(c) The Roman Empire will someday fall.
(d) The Roman Empire will destroy the Jewsish faith.

5. Meir walks with Elisha until they reach the boundary which marks what?
(a) The beginning of Roman territory.
(b) Where Jews are not allowed to cross on the Sabbath.
(c) The separation between Jews and Romans.
(d) The entrance to Caesarea.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elisha feel about the Greek literature he has learned in his first three years in Antioch?

2. What does Rufus do when he realizes Elisha has tried to deceive him?

3. Where is Elisha taken after the executions?

4. Who brings Elisha the news that Manto is dying?

5. Who does Rufus say will sit with Elisha during the upcoming trials?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Manto make Elisha vow to do, as she lay dying in his arms?

2. Was it wise for Elisha to pursue truth regardless of the consequences?

3. Where does Elisha go during the blizzard, and why?

4. Why is Elisha not happy about his relationship with Manto?

5. What is symbolic about Meir choosing to not walk with Elisha past the boundary where Jews are not allowed to cross on the Sabbath?

6. What happened to Elisha after he was forced to watch the rabbis be executed?

7. What did the people of Bethar choose to do rather than face Roman slavery and torture?

8. Why does Elisha's discussion with Charicles deeply disturb Elisha?

9. Why does the bloody spectacle not humor the Romans?

10. As Elisha and Pappas travel back to Jerusalem, how does their hometown look?

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