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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Elisha hear Charicles the philosopher speak at Antioch?
(a) During a festival.
(b) Before leaving Antioch for the last time.
(c) As soon as he returns to Antioch.
(d) Many years later.

2. What is Elisha's great undoing?
(a) His unwavering faith.
(b) His reasoned certainty that life is easy.
(c) His unwillingness to compromise his views.
(d) His conversation with Charicles.

3. What is the result of Elisha and Pappas visit with Rufus to ask him to convince the Emperor to change his plans?
(a) Rufus tries, but fails to convince the Emperor to change his plans.
(b) Rufus tells them that he can do nothing.
(c) Elisha insults Rufus.
(d) Rufus convinces the Emperor to change his plans.

4. What happens to the new rabbis after Judah ben Baba ordains them?
(a) They refuse to teach the people.
(b) They escape from the Romans without harm.
(c) They disappear.
(d) They convert to Buddhism.

5. What does the realization, that reason could be based in myth, do to Elisha?
(a) Rekindles Elisha's desire to seek answers.
(b) Settles what Elisha has always known.
(c) Has little effect on Elisha's overall viewpoints.
(d) It kills Elisha.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who encourages Elisha to publish his monograph?

2. How does Elisha feel about the Greek literature he has learned in his first three years in Antioch?

3. What does Rufus say will happen to Elisha and Pappas if they do not comply?

4. How does Elisha feel about his quest to seek a reasoned certainty that would explain everything, including faith?

5. How long does the siege on Bethar last?

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