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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Elisha encounter on the road to Caesarea?
(a) Roman soldiers.
(b) Rufus.
(c) Pappas.
(d) Meir.

2. What happens to the new rabbis after Judah ben Baba ordains them?
(a) They convert to Buddhism.
(b) They escape from the Romans without harm.
(c) They refuse to teach the people.
(d) They disappear.

3. Why do Akiba and Elisha not speak when they meet?
(a) Akiba hates Elisha for what he did in Israel.
(b) Elisha is upset that Akiba did not stand by him in Israel.
(c) Akiba and Elisha have no interest in each other.
(d) Akiba honors the commands of the ex-communication.

4. What feeling does Elisha experiences after his conversation with Charicles?
(a) Overwhelming remorse at having influenced Charicles so negatively.
(b) Relief.
(c) Failure.
(d) Great anger and jealousy at the popularity of Charicles.

5. As Meir is weeping at Elisha's grave, how does Meir remember Elisha?
(a) With remorse and sympathy for his lost faith.
(b) With contempt and malice for his betrayal.
(c) With love and regret that Elisha's dreams had to die.
(d) As the old man who caused so much suffering.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rufus say will sit with Elisha during the upcoming trials?

2. What can Meir see in his old master's eyes?

3. What does Charicles finally say about mathematics and science?

4. What does Rufus want Elisha and Pappas to do?

5. What fate does Elisha accept?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the people of Bethar choose to do rather than face Roman slavery and torture?

2. Why does Charicles say that mathematics and science could also be myths?

3. What is symbolic about Meir choosing to not walk with Elisha past the boundary where Jews are not allowed to cross on the Sabbath?

4. What does Elisha tell Meir about faith and reason?

5. Why does Demonax refuse to take on Elisha as a student, and what consolation does he offer to Elisha?

6. Where does Elisha go during the blizzard, and why?

7. Why does Elisha decide not to reveal the names of the new rabbis to Rufus?

8. Rufus presents a life or death question to Pappas and Elisha. How does Elisha respond?

9. While in jail, Akiba makes a prediction. What does Akiba predict?

10. Why do Elisha and Manto hide their mutual love from Rufus, Manto's benefactor?

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