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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are over thirty rabbis able to meet in the attic of a friend in Lydda?
(a) They pretend to be merchants attending a market.
(b) They pretend to be lepers.
(c) The rabbis experience no problems and meet without disguise.
(d) They pretend to be old women attending a knitting party.

2. How does Elisha look when he hears Charicles speak at Antioch?
(a) Appears youthful and vibrant, despite his age.
(b) Worried by the outlandish ideas Charicles speaks of.
(c) Distracted by his own memories of betrayal.
(d) Ravaged and he has white hair.

3. Whose voice does Elisha recognize discussing cases in Jewish Law?
(a) Torah's.
(b) Akiba's.
(c) Theo's.
(d) Judah ben Sira's.

4. As Elisha and Pappas travel back through the lands of their birth, what do they find has become of their homes?
(a) They have been destroyed.
(b) They are no loger welcomed because no one knows them anymore.
(c) Roman soldiers now occupy them.
(d) New families live there, and not much else has changed.

5. What is the result of Elisha and Pappas visit with Rufus to ask him to convince the Emperor to change his plans?
(a) Rufus tells them that he can do nothing.
(b) Rufus tries, but fails to convince the Emperor to change his plans.
(c) Elisha insults Rufus.
(d) Rufus convinces the Emperor to change his plans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the people of Bethar do when they realize that the Romans will soon overrun their town?

2. What do the rabbis talk about during their meeting, other than keeping the faith alive and ordaining new rabbis?

3. What has Elisha based his entire life and course of studies on?

4. After Elisha receives a letter of commendation from head of the museum in Alexandria, who does he rush to show the letter to?

5. Why do Manto and Elisha always have a third person with them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Elisha's discussion with Charicles deeply disturb Elisha?

2. Describe the symbolism behind Rufus making Elisha sit beside a harlot during the executions.

3. Was it wise for Elisha to pursue truth regardless of the consequences?

4. What is symbolic about Meir choosing to not walk with Elisha past the boundary where Jews are not allowed to cross on the Sabbath?

5. What does Elisha tell Meir about faith and reason?

6. Why does Elisha decide not to reveal the names of the new rabbis to Rufus?

7. As Elisha and Pappas travel back to Jerusalem, how does their hometown look?

8. Why does the bloody spectacle not humor the Romans?

9. How did Meir honor Elisha after Elisha died?

10. Elisha's life was controversial and devastating as he searched for truth. Was Elisha's search for truth in vain?

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