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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stands up against the leader of the rebels?
(a) The Sanhedrin.
(b) The Roman Cavalry.
(c) Julianus.
(d) Rabbi Joshua.

2. What did rabbi Joshua do when the ex-communication of Elisha was read at Sanhedrin?
(a) Said he would go to Antioch and find Elisha by himself.
(b) Introduced an interdict on Greek studies.
(c) Left the Sanhedrin in anguish over his friends misfortune.
(d) Said he knew of Elisha's Greek studies.

3. What happens when Elisha goes to Manto's home when she is alone?
(a) Manto tells Elisha that Rufus is planning on killing him.
(b) They consummate their love for one another.
(c) They discuss the arena where men and lions kill each other.
(d) Elisha tells Manto he must leave Antioch.

4. What does Elisha discuss with Justin, the leader of the Gentile Christians?
(a) The methodology of religion with Justin.
(b) The morphology of religion with Justin.
(c) The phonology of religion with Justin.
(d) The syntax of religion with Justin.

5. What happens to Eliezer's proposal concerning the ban against pagan literature?
(a) It is voted down.
(b) It is laughed out of court.
(c) It creates a tie in the Sanhedrin.
(d) It is adopted and set into motion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What great tragedy happened to Elisha's family?

2. While the seventy sages of the Sanhedrin are in session, who raises the question about whether a man should use Greek books and letters to read and study?

3. What is Abuyah's dying wish for Elisha to fulfill?

4. What happens when Palestine learns of Trajan's edict that the Temple may be rebuilt?

5. What does Elisha acknowledge to Meir after receiving the news?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the ex-communication of Elisha was read at Sanhedrin, what did Joshua do?

2. What secret does Elisha tell Beruriah, and why?

3. How does Elisha handle his new life in Antioch?

4. How does Elisha respond to the death of Beruriah and Meir's children?

5. Why was Elisha and Deborah's marriage pre-arranged by Amram?

6. What strikes Elisha as characteristic about the people of Antioch?

7. What does Nicholaus, Elisha's tutor, look like?

8. In Part One, Chapter V, how did Elisha feel about attending the Sanhedrin for the first time?

9. Who does Elisha turn to after sharing his thoughts with Deborah, and why?

10. Do you think Shraga is right to rebel against the Roman government and fight for his beliefs?

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