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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do both Elisha and Pappas curtail their expenses and move to smaller apartments?
(a) They are trying to live more humble lives.
(b) The economy of the area is devastated because of the war.
(c) They are preparing for the harsh winter.
(d) They are saving money to help the Jews war with the Romans.

2. After Elisha receives a letter of commendation from head of the museum in Alexandria, who does he rush to show the letter to?
(a) Manto.
(b) Akiba.
(c) Pappas.
(d) Antiphanes.

3. What feeling does Elisha experiences after his conversation with Charicles?
(a) Great anger and jealousy at the popularity of Charicles.
(b) Overwhelming remorse at having influenced Charicles so negatively.
(c) Failure.
(d) Relief.

4. How long does the siege on Bethar last?
(a) Three years.
(b) Four years.
(c) The siege never takes place.
(d) It never ends.

5. What task has Rabbi Judah ben Baba been chosen for during the meeting in the attic?
(a) To ask the Romans to leave them alone.
(b) To conduct the sacrifice of a small sheep.
(c) To execute Elisha for his unbelief.
(d) To perform the ceremony for the new rabbis.

6. What does Elisha realize about the peddlers as they sing their wares?
(a) Messages are being sent in Hebrew.
(b) They will cheat everyone out of their money.
(c) They love to sing lullabies.
(d) Peddlers are incoherent babblers.

7. What does Charicles finally say about mathematics and science?
(a) They will replace faith some day.
(b) They could also be myths.
(c) They are the laws that all men live by.
(d) They should be forbidden.

8. What happens to people who are caught practicing Jewish traditions and teachings?
(a) No one is caught.
(b) They are executed.
(c) They are praised.
(d) No one in the book practices Jewish traditions and teachings.

9. What happens to Elisha's grave?
(a) Elisha's grave is moved to Meir's town cemetery.
(b) The gravestone is removed.
(c) It is destroyed by Roman soldiers.
(d) Lightning strikes Elisha's grave.

10. What does Charicles say about Euclid?
(a) Euclid should have been jailed for heresy.
(b) He was the greatest mind of his time.
(c) There are no proofs that Euclid was correct beyond doubt.
(d) Euclid was correct beyond doubt.

11. What happens to the new rabbis after Judah ben Baba ordains them?
(a) They disappear.
(b) They escape from the Romans without harm.
(c) They refuse to teach the people.
(d) They convert to Buddhism.

12. What does Elisha ask of Rufus in return for his cooperation?
(a) To forgive him.
(b) To stop the war.
(c) To not kill Pappas.
(d) To destroy the Sanhedrin.

13. When does Elisha leave the arena?
(a) The next day when the attendants find him.
(b) Before the executions.
(c) After the first killing.
(d) Elisha leaves only when the harlot tells him to.

14. What is Elisha amazed to find even on death row?
(a) The Roman soldiers treat the Jewish prisoners with dignity.
(b) The Rabbis have lost their faith.
(c) The Rabbis still believe the faith will survive.
(d) The Jewish prisoners are on death row.

15. What information about the new rabbis reaches Elisha in Caeserea?
(a) The new rabbis are missing.
(b) The new rabbi's birthplaces.
(c) The new rabbi's names.
(d) He learns nothing about the new rabbis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Elisha go to begin his work for the Romans?

2. What does Elisha tell Meir about faith and reason?

3. How does Elisha look when he hears Charicles speak at Antioch?

4. How do the two men discuss the highest levels of philosophy?

5. What fate does Elisha accept?

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