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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rufus do when he realizes Elisha has tried to deceive him?
(a) Arrests Elisha and Pappas.
(b) Strongly reprimands Elisha.
(c) Doesn't realize Elisha has deceived him.
(d) Arrests only Elisha.

2. What happens after Judah ben Baba ordains the new rabbi at their secret meeting?
(a) Judah ben Baba flees to Morocco.
(b) The Romans find Judah ben Baba and kill him.
(c) The Persians attack Rome.
(d) Elisha talks with Judah ben Baba about logic and faith.

3. What does Elisha tell Meir about faith and reason?
(a) Faith is more important than reason.
(b) Reason is more important than faith.
(c) Faith and reason coexist and comingle.
(d) Faith is the nemesis of reason.

4. What does Elisha say in response to Meir when Meir asks Elisha to come home with him?
(a) He accepts the invitation graciously.
(b) He does not want to be a burden.
(c) He declines and says he is going on a long journey.
(d) He is going to the Sanhedrin.

5. What task has Rabbi Judah ben Baba been chosen for during the meeting in the attic?
(a) To ask the Romans to leave them alone.
(b) To execute Elisha for his unbelief.
(c) To conduct the sacrifice of a small sheep.
(d) To perform the ceremony for the new rabbis.

6. What feeling does Elisha experiences after his conversation with Charicles?
(a) Failure.
(b) Relief.
(c) Great anger and jealousy at the popularity of Charicles.
(d) Overwhelming remorse at having influenced Charicles so negatively.

7. As Elisha and Pappas travel back through the lands of their birth, what do they find has become of their homes?
(a) New families live there, and not much else has changed.
(b) They have been destroyed.
(c) They are no loger welcomed because no one knows them anymore.
(d) Roman soldiers now occupy them.

8. What can Meir see in his old master's eyes?
(a) Disappointment.
(b) Concern.
(c) Anguish.
(d) Disillusionment.

9. How long does the siege on Bethar last?
(a) Three years.
(b) It never ends.
(c) Four years.
(d) The siege never takes place.

10. How can Elisha's life be described?
(a) As a life of fear and self-loathing.
(b) As one of controversy and dissent and of questioning and seeking truth.
(c) As one of faith, honor, and dignity.
(d) As a life of shame and embarrassment.

11. What do the Roman reinforcements bring with them?
(a) Written demands from the Emperor.
(b) Medical supplies to help the wounded.
(c) The plague.
(d) Horse drawn chariots.

12. How does Charicles first feel about Elisha?
(a) He admires Elisha for his faith.
(b) He tries to avoid talking to him.
(c) Disgust for Elisha's reputation.
(d) Pity for Elisha's troubled life.

13. Who encourages Elisha to publish his monograph?
(a) Manto.
(b) Antiphanes.
(c) Pappas.
(d) The librarian.

14. What causes Charicles to change his mind about Elisha?
(a) Charicles never changes his mind about Elisha.
(b) A Rabbi tells Charicles who Elisha is.
(c) He hears Elisha speak.
(d) Charicles realizes that Elisha is a Rabbi.

15. How does Elisha try to deceive Rufus?
(a) By not telling Rufus some important information about the Jews.
(b) By lying to Rufus by making up facts about the Jews.
(c) By escaping and running away.
(d) By poisoning Rufus during dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the two men discuss the highest levels of philosophy?

2. What did Meir fight for concerning Elisha's death?

3. What is the result of Elisha and Pappas visit with Rufus to ask him to convince the Emperor to change his plans?

4. What does Elisha ask of Rufus in return for his cooperation?

5. Who does Rufus say will sit with Elisha during the upcoming trials?

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