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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elisha ask of Rufus in return for his cooperation?
(a) To forgive him.
(b) To not kill Pappas.
(c) To destroy the Sanhedrin.
(d) To stop the war.

2. Who brings Elisha the news that Manto is dying?
(a) Pappas.
(b) Manto's maid.
(c) Poleman.
(d) Rufus.

3. When does Elisha hear Charicles the philosopher speak at Antioch?
(a) Before leaving Antioch for the last time.
(b) As soon as he returns to Antioch.
(c) During a festival.
(d) Many years later.

4. What does Rufus do when he realizes Elisha has tried to deceive him?
(a) Doesn't realize Elisha has deceived him.
(b) Arrests only Elisha.
(c) Arrests Elisha and Pappas.
(d) Strongly reprimands Elisha.

5. What does Charicles say about Euclid?
(a) Euclid was correct beyond doubt.
(b) He was the greatest mind of his time.
(c) There are no proofs that Euclid was correct beyond doubt.
(d) Euclid should have been jailed for heresy.

6. As Elisha and Pappas travel back through the lands of their birth, what do they find has become of their homes?
(a) Roman soldiers now occupy them.
(b) They have been destroyed.
(c) They are no loger welcomed because no one knows them anymore.
(d) New families live there, and not much else has changed.

7. What is the result of Elisha and Pappas visit with Rufus to ask him to convince the Emperor to change his plans?
(a) Elisha insults Rufus.
(b) Rufus tries, but fails to convince the Emperor to change his plans.
(c) Rufus tells them that he can do nothing.
(d) Rufus convinces the Emperor to change his plans.

8. What has Akiba predicted about the Roman Empire?
(a) The Roman Empire will change some day.
(b) The Roman Empire will destroy the Jewsish faith.
(c) The Roman Empire will someday fall.
(d) The Roman Empire will never fall.

9. Where does Elisha go to begin his work for the Romans?
(a) Israel.
(b) The library.
(c) Rome.
(d) Caesarea.

10. What has Elisha based his entire life and course of studies on?
(a) Greek and Roman literature.
(b) Jewish traditions and values.
(c) The fact of mathematics.
(d) Business management.

11. What task has Rabbi Judah ben Baba been chosen for during the meeting in the attic?
(a) To perform the ceremony for the new rabbis.
(b) To execute Elisha for his unbelief.
(c) To ask the Romans to leave them alone.
(d) To conduct the sacrifice of a small sheep.

12. Why has Akiba come to Antioch to raise money for war against the Romans?
(a) The Romans killed so many jews, and burned down the temple.
(b) Because of the Emperor's plan to turn Israel into a site for pagans.
(c) He has joined the Jewish rebels.
(d) The Emperor is dedicating the temple to Jupiter.

13. How does Elisha look when he hears Charicles speak at Antioch?
(a) Distracted by his own memories of betrayal.
(b) Ravaged and he has white hair.
(c) Appears youthful and vibrant, despite his age.
(d) Worried by the outlandish ideas Charicles speaks of.

14. How can Elisha's life be described?
(a) As one of faith, honor, and dignity.
(b) As a life of shame and embarrassment.
(c) As a life of fear and self-loathing.
(d) As one of controversy and dissent and of questioning and seeking truth.

15. What fate does Elisha accept?
(a) The fate of eternal damnation.
(b) To question everything in his final moments.
(c) That he will never find the answers he is searching for.
(d) That he is a man without religion and without country.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Elisha's great undoing?

2. What do the rabbis talk about during their meeting, other than keeping the faith alive and ordaining new rabbis?

3. How are the conditions of the jail described to Elisha?

4. Where does Elisha go to escape the cold of the blizzard?

5. What can Meir see in his old master's eyes?

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