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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Elisha sent, as a sage, to sit in court over a controversial issue?
(a) Antioch.
(b) Corinth.
(c) Tiberius.
(d) His hometown.

2. What happened to the merchant's business after the court case?
(a) His business picked up and was better than before.
(b) His business went bankrupt and he was ostracized from the land.
(c) He sold his business.
(d) His business was set on fire and he had to move to another building.

3. Why has Elisha been called to return to Israel?
(a) To attend the funeral of Nicholaus.
(b) To stand trial.
(c) To lecture a class in an academy on the importance of truth in faith.
(d) To reforge the bond with his wife.

4. Whose mother dies soon after childbirth?
(a) Elisheba's mother.
(b) Elisha's mother.
(c) Abuyah's mother.
(d) Amram's mother.

5. Once Elisha surveys the desolation at the Temple Mount, what does he tell Joshua?
(a) That he is glad the rebuilding of the Temple will happen soon.
(b) That he is divorcing Deborah.
(c) That he does not believe in God.
(d) That he does not think the rebuilding will ever happen.

6. Does Abuyah consort with pagan philosophers and read Greek books?
(a) No.
(b) Sometimes, but he hides his beliefs from everyone.
(c) Yes.
(d) When he was younger, but he does not do so anymore.

7. Who goes mad and implicates Elisha as the one who created the disbelief in him?
(a) Simeon ben Zoma.
(b) Simeon ben Azzai.
(c) Nicholaus.
(d) Akiba.

8. Who tells Elisha Pappas is not good company for him, and that he should not be reading Greek books?
(a) Uncle Amram.
(b) Josef.
(c) Deborah.
(d) Akiba.

9. Why is Abuyah considered something of a heretic among others in this society?
(a) He is late for Elisha's circumcision.
(b) He spoke with Roman soldiers.
(c) He is known to have studied Greek and Roman works.
(d) His wife, Elisheba, died shortly after giving birth to his son.

10. What type of teaching does Amram follow in his life, and how important is it to him?
(a) Amram is an unrelenting zealot in the Jewish tradition.
(b) Amram follows both the Greek and Jewish teachings.
(c) Amram is an unrelenting zealot in the Greek tradition.
(d) Amram is an atheist.

11. How do the deaths from the plague affect Elisha?
(a) He is not affected by the deaths at all.
(b) He finds justification for their deaths in the Bible.
(c) He questions God's mercy for causing such anguish.
(d) He ignores their deaths.

12. What does Elisha acknowledge to Meir after receiving the news?
(a) The Sanhedrin will not indict him because he is so smart.
(b) The Sanhedrin will indict him, and he will stop asking questions.
(c) He no longer believes in god.
(d) The Sanhedrin will indict him, but he cannot stop searching for answers.

13. What impresses Elisha about the Roman court system?
(a) The complete lack of prejudice against jewish people.
(b) The expansive Greek reference library adjacent to the courtroom.
(c) The efficiency and professionalism.
(d) The lavish adornments, and the beautiful architecture.

14. What is the commander's response to the pleading of the sages?
(a) The commander does not change his orders.
(b) He has the sages executed.
(c) The commander releases the insurrection leaders.
(d) He orders the disbandment of the Sanhedrin.

15. Where did Elisha travel while studying, attending academies, and sitting with the masters?
(a) Nowhere.
(b) China.
(c) Judea and Galilee.
(d) Rome.

Short Answer Questions

1. Soon after Elisha's conversation, a rider comes into town with what news?

2. When Elisha and his friends are at the home of Simeon ben Azzai, what happens to their host?

3. Why does Amram decide not to let Elisha become married to Theo?

4. Who does Elisha find, to his delight and surprise, in Caeserea?

5. Who stands up against the leader of the rebels?

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