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Milton Steinberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elisha discuss with Justin, the leader of the Gentile Christians?
(a) The syntax of religion with Justin.
(b) The morphology of religion with Justin.
(c) The phonology of religion with Justin.
(d) The methodology of religion with Justin.

2. To which court does the the merchant take his case, after he leaves the Jewish court?
(a) The Elysian court.
(b) The Grecian court.
(c) The merchant drops the case.
(d) The Roman court.

3. What are the names of Meir's children?
(a) Sarah and Samuel.
(b) Samuel and Solomon.
(c) Uriah and Pariah.
(d) Saul and Samuel.

4. What is Abuyah's dying wish for Elisha to fulfill?
(a) That Elisha do what his uncle, Amram, tells him to do.
(b) That Elisha burn all books and documents that are not Jewish.
(c) That Elisha will be wholehearted and not torn in two.
(d) That Elisha train to become a rabbi and sage.

5. Soon after Elisha's conversation, a rider comes into town with what news?
(a) That Meir has died in a horrible accident.
(b) That the Romans have banned Jews from working on the Temple.
(c) That the Temple has been completed.
(d) That Elisha's wife has been injured.

6. Why is Elisha ashamed when he watches the spectacle at the local arena where men and lions kill each other?
(a) Pappas cheers on the violence maniacally.
(b) The grotesque violence causes him to laugh.
(c) His own feelings of bloodlust.
(d) He cannot stop the crowd of people from watching.

7. How old is Elisha when he gets married?
(a) 25.
(b) 20.
(c) 21.
(d) 23.

8. After being asked to make a speech to a class in an academy, what does Elisha tell the students?
(a) To listen carefully to their teacher and the rabbis.
(b) To not believe anything they are taught in the academy.
(c) To study Greek and Roman literature as much as they can.
(d) Nothing.

9. What is the commander's response to the pleading of the sages?
(a) The commander does not change his orders.
(b) He has the sages executed.
(c) He orders the disbandment of the Sanhedrin.
(d) The commander releases the insurrection leaders.

10. Where does Uncle Amram take Elisha to begin his training to become a rabbi and sage?
(a) Rome.
(b) The Home of Pappas.
(c) The Red Sea.
(d) The Home of Rabbi Joshua.

11. When Abuyah dies, who burns all the books and documents that are not Jewish?
(a) Uncle Amram.
(b) Elisha.
(c) Theo.
(d) Nicholaus.

12. What great tragedy happened to Elisha's family?
(a) His mother died.
(b) Both his mother and father died.
(c) His grandparents died.
(d) His father died.

13. What did Elisha's best friends do because they were manipulated by Elisha?
(a) Helped him learn more Greek knowledge.
(b) Devised new methods to counteract the Sanhedrin.
(c) Built a government based on Greek law.
(d) Rebuilt the Temple.

14. Who does Elisha present his idea to about Greek literature?
(a) Deborah, Akiba, and Amram.
(b) Akiba and the two Simeons.
(c) Meir and the two Simeons.
(d) Meir, Deborah and Simeon.

15. What did rabbi Joshua do when the ex-communication of Elisha was read at Sanhedrin?
(a) Said he knew of Elisha's Greek studies.
(b) Said he would go to Antioch and find Elisha by himself.
(c) Left the Sanhedrin in anguish over his friends misfortune.
(d) Introduced an interdict on Greek studies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Deborah bothered by when around Meir and his wife?

2. When Elisha is going back to Nicholaus, what does he overhear his father say to Uncle Amram?

3. Where does the plague strike?

4. What does Elisha's life revolve around once he begins his studies?

5. What does Elisha acknowledge to Meir after receiving the news?

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