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Milton Steinberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Chapter XXI & Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Elisha and Deborah to stay when at the feast?
(a) Rabbi Peter's home.
(b) Uncle Amram's estate.
(c) Their own estate.
(d) Akiba's house.

2. What sort of people does Elisha find himself in the company of after accepting an invitation to dinner by one of the rhetoricians?
(a) Both religious zealots and scientists.
(b) Rabbis and sages.
(c) Hedonistic and self centered.
(d) Polite and well educated.

3. How does Elisha try to console Deborah after she becomes pregnant twice and loses both babies?
(a) Elisha buys her a servant girl.
(b) Elisha holds her hand in the garden.
(c) Elisha prepares a meal for her.
(d) Elisha offers to take her to a feast.

4. What task has Rabbi Judah ben Baba been chosen for during the meeting in the attic?
(a) To perform the ceremony for the new rabbis.
(b) To ask the Romans to leave them alone.
(c) To conduct the sacrifice of a small sheep.
(d) To execute Elisha for his unbelief.

5. What do the workers, numbering over 500, want to do after the command to leave?
(a) Stay and fight.
(b) Pretend they do not hear the command.
(c) Gladly leave.
(d) Go home to their families.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Elisha begins his studies on Antioch, what does he study first?

2. Why has Elisha been called to return to Israel?

3. How does Elisha respond when Deborah is trying to renew her marriage with him?

4. Once Elisha surveys the desolation at the Temple Mount, what does he tell Joshua?

5. What impresses Elisha about the Roman court system?

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