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Milton Steinberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Chapter XXI & Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Elisha been called to return to Israel?
(a) To lecture a class in an academy on the importance of truth in faith.
(b) To attend the funeral of Nicholaus.
(c) To reforge the bond with his wife.
(d) To stand trial.

2. Where does Elisha suspect the real truth lies?
(a) The Sanhedrin, tradition, and ancient scriptures.
(b) Logic, reason, and astrology.
(c) Math, english, and religion.
(d) Science, math, or philosophy.

3. Why does Demonax recommend that Elisha see Poleman?
(a) Poleman can outline Elisha's reading for him.
(b) Poleman knows of a man who may be able to help Elisha.
(c) Poleman taught Demonax everything he knows.
(d) Poleman has questions he feels only Elisha can answer.

4. Where does the plague strike?
(a) Usher.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Antioch.
(d) Palestine.

5. What are the names of Meir's children?
(a) Saul and Samuel.
(b) Uriah and Pariah.
(c) Sarah and Samuel.
(d) Samuel and Solomon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Meir and Elisha part ways?

2. What happened to the merchant's business after the court case?

3. When Elisha returns to his rooms, who wants to know what he is doing?

4. How does Elisha look when he hears Charicles speak at Antioch?

5. How does Elisha respond when Deborah is trying to renew her marriage with him?

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