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Milton Steinberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Chapters I - VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What idea does Elisha present to his friends about Greek literature?
(a) Studying it could help counter debate.
(b) That they burn all Greek literature.
(c) Studying it could help people forget their faith.
(d) That the Sanhedrin tax owners of Greek literature.

2. Where are Elisha and Pappas going when they run into Theo?
(a) They are going to find Elisha's father and his uncle.
(b) They are going to find an encampment of Roman soldiers in the area.
(c) They are going to study Greek and Roman works.
(d) They are headed to watch a cow give birth.

3. Why does the Sanhedrin send a delegation to Rome?
(a) The Sanhedrin is concerned about rebel Jews.
(b) Rome has threatened to rebuild the temple for the Jews.
(c) Roman soldiers are traveling to close to the Sanhedrin.
(d) The Sanhedrin is asking to rebuild their temple.

4. Why is Elisha overcome with discontent when he visits with Meir and Beruriah?
(a) He lacks the proper education to study Greek literature well.
(b) They tell him that the Sanhedrin will indict him.
(c) They tell Elisha that they can no longer see him.
(d) Meir and Beruriah mock Elisha for his educational background.

5. While the seventy sages of the Sanhedrin are in session, who raises the question about whether a man should use Greek books and letters to read and study?
(a) Abuyah.
(b) The Patriarch.
(c) A Rabbi.
(d) Elisha.

Short Answer Questions

1. Elisha's obsession with truth has caused what to dissolve?

2. How does Elisha feel about Meir's marriage?

3. How do the deaths from the plague affect Elisha?

4. How many years did Elisha sit as an observer and Joshua's apprentice at the Sanhedrin?

5. Who tells Elisha Pappas is not good company for him, and that he should not be reading Greek books?

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