Daily Lessons for Teaching As a Driven Leaf

Milton Steinberg
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Part One, Chapters I - IV)


Prologue, Part One, Chapters I - IV

In the Prologue, the Sanhedrin are discussing how to interpret the law and Traditions. This lesson will discuss the concept of authority and the Sanhedrin's role in the Jewish community.


1) Group or Partner Discussion: Ask the students what they think about the Sanhedrin? Should the Sanhedrin vote according to majority rule or unanimous vote? What kind of authorities are in the student's lives, and why are they there? Should the Jews study and analyze Scripture for themselves, or is the Sanhedrin more competent for this task?

2) Class Debate: Split the class into two groups. Have each group pick a position in the following argument: Can authority figures be good or bad? Each argument must include the Sanhedrin in one of its examples. Each group is allotted 20 minutes to organize their argument.

3) Class Discussion: Start an class discussion responding...

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