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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Stephen coming to believe about gaining wisdom?
(a) It must be learned through study.
(b) It must involve his family.
(c) It must happen through a miracle.
(d) It must come from his own experience.

2. What interpretation does Stephen give to his dream and visions of beasts in the field?
(a) That it is the hell awaiting him: bestial and foul.
(b) That anyone looking at him will know his sins.
(c) That he will reincarnate as a beast.
(d) That he will find salvation in a field.

3. After dinner, why does Stephen march out of the house?
(a) to find Emma and beg her forgiveness
(b) to return to school and see Father Arnall
(c) to find a chapel in which to confess
(d) to go by the brothels to see if he can overcome his lusts

4. What does the preacher say is available to the living to spare them from this everlasting torment?
(a) unqualified absolution
(b) vows
(c) candles and incense
(d) repentance

5. What strikes fear into the sinner, but is a blessed moment for the believer?
(a) the divil
(b) death
(c) the Eucharist
(d) confession

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps him from confessing his unworthiness and walking out of the chapel?

2. After the confession, how does Stephen feel?

3. How could Stephen's thoughts after leaving the director's office be described in one word?

4. How does Stephen react to the announcement of the rector?

5. Whose innocence does Stephen remember trampling on?

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