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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the symbolism used to show Stephen's returning to nature?
(a) joining the boys to swim in the water
(b) whistling a response to the song birds
(c) picking up rocks for his collection
(d) removing his stockings and wading in the breakwater

2. What will be the subjects of the retreat?
(a) confession and renewal
(b) death, judgment, hell, and heaven
(c) sin and salvation
(d) mortifying the flesh

3. What does Stephen do after running in ecstasy along the beach?
(a) returns to look for the girl
(b) runs home to tell his mother
(c) goes home to write poetry
(d) lies down and falls asleep

4. How does the director describe the life of a priest?
(a) as being free from all temptation
(b) as having authority and power without material cares
(c) as being a way to become rich
(d) as one of constant meditation and prayer

5. To what does Stephen devote each different day of the week?
(a) to recruiting new students to join him
(b) to studying a different section of the catechism
(c) to physical exercise
(d) to a different religious facet or figure

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the priest react to Stephen's confession?

2. What goes through Stephen's head as he enters the confessional?

3. What does Stephen seem to hear now that he has changed the course of his life?

4. In whose honor is the retreat being held?

5. What keeps him from confessing his unworthiness and walking out of the chapel?

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