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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Stephen feel about the Virgin?
(a) Mary does not humiliate the sinner who approaches her.
(b) She has chosen him to be her white knight.
(c) As a mother, she overlooks the sins of her children.
(d) She can order her Son to do her will.

2. Since the only sins Stephen has to confess these days are minor, what does his confessor want him to name?
(a) sins that still tempt him
(b) his old sins
(c) his fantasies about sinning
(d) sins that he would never commit

3. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?
(a) the girl Emma begging bread
(b) the tears of the virgin Mary
(c) his sins replayed before him
(d) faces of saints

4. What is detailed by cramped conditions, the darkness, the stench, the fires, the enraged howls and suffering screams of the damned, and the mocking of devils?
(a) the prison for those who commit murder
(b) the treatment Jesus endured at the hands of man
(c) the eternal suffering in hell
(d) the heads of people who willfully sin

5. What suddenly awakens in Stephen as he revels in nature along the breakwater?
(a) a desire to return to the church
(b) a new found creativity
(c) a better understanding of his family
(d) a longing for security

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does not want Stephen to go to the university?

2. What will be the subjects of the retreat?

3. What worries Stephen about his devotions?

4. Who from the Bible are contrasted by the preacher?

5. What has Stephen been able to feel instead of love or hate?

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