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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leaving the director's office, what does Stephen think about the life offered him?
(a) He questions his motives for wanting to be a priest.
(b) He does not see the priest as being more devoted than he is.
(c) He is filled with pride that the director thinks he is so good.
(d) He is filled with fear that his family will reject him.

2. What do the sermons do for Stephen?
(a) They give him a good laugh.
(b) They make him reject the teaching of the Church.
(c) They pierce Stephen's clouded mind and sin-numbed soul.
(d) They put him to sleep.

3. Why does Stephen exert enormous energy in filling his days with penitent devotion, zealous prayers, and rosary recitations?
(a) in elaborate attempts to mortify his senses
(b) to please his mother
(c) to prepare himself for the seminary
(d) to memorize Catholic ritual

4. How does Stephen now view his life?
(a) as an escape from the old path and embarking on a new one
(b) as a hopeless drifter without proper education
(c) as a drudge worker in a heartless world
(d) as a complete waste from which he learned nothing

5. Who does not want Stephen to go to the university?
(a) the Jesuits
(b) Stephen
(c) his brothers and sisters
(d) his mother

6. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?
(a) his sins replayed before him
(b) faces of saints
(c) the tears of the virgin Mary
(d) the girl Emma begging bread

7. What suddenly awakens in Stephen as he revels in nature along the breakwater?
(a) a longing for security
(b) a desire to return to the church
(c) a new found creativity
(d) a better understanding of his family

8. What worries Stephen about his devotions?
(a) that he is forgetting some improtant devltions
(b) that there is not enough time in the day to do them all
(c) that he is not doing them the right way
(d) that no degree of devotion shall ever be enough

9. How does Stephen feel about the Virgin?
(a) She can order her Son to do her will.
(b) Mary does not humiliate the sinner who approaches her.
(c) She has chosen him to be her white knight.
(d) As a mother, she overlooks the sins of her children.

10. What is the symbolism used to show Stephen's returning to nature?
(a) picking up rocks for his collection
(b) removing his stockings and wading in the breakwater
(c) whistling a response to the song birds
(d) joining the boys to swim in the water

11. How old is Stephen when he goes to confess his terrible sin?
(a) just 14
(b) already 21
(c) only 16
(d) about 19

12. What has Stephen been able to feel instead of love or hate?
(a) only joy and pain
(b) only brief anger and lust
(c) only hunger and thirst
(d) only anxiety and fear

13. What distracting sight does Stephen come upon while he wades in the water?
(a) a passing ship headed for new adventures
(b) a porpoise leaping in the salty water
(c) a long legged crane perched on one leg
(d) a beautiful girl standing in the water gazing out to sea

14. How does Stephen see himself because of his frequent visits to the brothel?
(a) as an addict who cannot help himself
(b) as a liberated Catholic
(c) as a man and no longer a boy
(d) sunk into a swamp of spiritual and bodily sloth

15. What does Stephen do after running in ecstasy along the beach?
(a) lies down and falls asleep
(b) goes home to write poetry
(c) returns to look for the girl
(d) runs home to tell his mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephen feel by allowing sin to creep near to him before resisting it at the last moment?

2. What causes Stephen to recall how saints were tried again and again by sin?

3. What is Stephen's condition as he leaves the retreat?

4. What interpretation does Stephen give to his dream and visions of beasts in the field?

5. How does Stephen begin seeing himself?

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