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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the director describe the life of a priest?
(a) as being free from all temptation
(b) as having authority and power without material cares
(c) as being a way to become rich
(d) as one of constant meditation and prayer

2. After the confession, how does Stephen feel?
(a) glad that it is over but feeling the same
(b) afraid he will die before receiving holy communion
(c) euphoric and filled with grace
(d) happy to tell everyone his joy

3. At the first of the retreat, what helps to awaken Stephen's soul slightly?
(a) the topics of death and judgment
(b) the topic of Pergatory
(c) the topics of love and forgiveness
(d) the topic of a caring God

4. What does Stephen feel by allowing sin to creep near to him before resisting it at the last moment?
(a) a sense of power
(b) like playing a joke on the devil
(c) a terrible fear
(d) an intolerable weakness

5. What goes through Stephen's head as he enters the confessional?
(a) He considers running away.
(b) He anticipates great relief afterward.
(c) He wonders if the priest will recognize his voice.
(d) He wishes his sin had been any but the one it is.

6. What is detailed by cramped conditions, the darkness, the stench, the fires, the enraged howls and suffering screams of the damned, and the mocking of devils?
(a) the heads of people who willfully sin
(b) the prison for those who commit murder
(c) the eternal suffering in hell
(d) the treatment Jesus endured at the hands of man

7. How does Stephen now view the guardians of his boyhood?
(a) as the factor that has made him strong
(b) as means of controlling him
(c) as necessary influences
(d) as ways of keeping him ignorant

8. What begins to take on an attractive appearance to Stephen?
(a) the idea of becoming a priest
(b) his face in the mirror
(c) giving in to temptation
(d) having religious discussions

9. Where does Stephen's father want to send him?
(a) to New York
(b) to a trade school
(c) to Australia
(d) the university

10. Where does Stephen's walking around in smaller and smaller circles eventually lead him?
(a) to his home
(b) to the brothel quarter
(c) to the school
(d) the the church

11. How old is Stephen when he goes to confess his terrible sin?
(a) about 19
(b) only 16
(c) already 21
(d) just 14

12. What is it about his mother that really bothers Stephen when the subject of the university comes up?
(a) her distrust of him
(b) her contempt for education
(c) her indifference
(d) her objection to the expense

13. What strikes fear into the sinner, but is a blessed moment for the believer?
(a) the divil
(b) the Eucharist
(c) confession
(d) death

14. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?
(a) the tears of the virgin Mary
(b) his sins replayed before him
(c) the girl Emma begging bread
(d) faces of saints

15. What does Stephen think when he sees his friends playing in the water?
(a) how they seem happy and without a care in the world
(b) how much stronger their bodies appear than his does
(c) how they look characterless and pitiable in their nakedness
(d) how confident they appear against his insecurities

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the symbolism used to show Stephen's returning to nature?

2. How does Stephen come to view all of creation?

3. How does the preacher define sin?

4. What keeps him from confessing his unworthiness and walking out of the chapel?

5. What does Stephen do after running in ecstasy along the beach?

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