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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Stephen classify one who plays the role of a believer though he does not believe?
(a) as an atheist
(b) as a hypocrite
(c) as a Jesuit
(d) as an agnostic

2. What does the preacher say awaits those who do not make use of the atonement of Christ to right their relationship with God?
(a) purgatory
(b) oblivion
(c) excommunication
(d) hell

3. What does Stephen suddenly realize about his family relationships?
(a) that they are silently severing
(b) that they have stiffled the family
(c) that they are becoming stronger
(d) that they have never been strong

4. What do the sermons do for Stephen?
(a) They pierce Stephen's clouded mind and sin-numbed soul.
(b) They put him to sleep.
(c) They give him a good laugh.
(d) They make him reject the teaching of the Church.

5. Whose innocence does Stephen remember trampling on?
(a) Mercedes
(b) a young prostitute
(c) the girl on the tram
(d) a girl named Emma

6. After the confession, how does Stephen feel?
(a) glad that it is over but feeling the same
(b) afraid he will die before receiving holy communion
(c) euphoric and filled with grace
(d) happy to tell everyone his joy

7. How does Stephen begin to see his mother's faith?
(a) as being the cause of his father's failures
(b) as fading away with the family trials
(c) as being disloyal toward him
(d) as being insincere and empty

8. How does Stephen feel about the Virgin?
(a) She has chosen him to be her white knight.
(b) As a mother, she overlooks the sins of her children.
(c) She can order her Son to do her will.
(d) Mary does not humiliate the sinner who approaches her.

9. What has Stephen been able to feel instead of love or hate?
(a) only brief anger and lust
(b) only hunger and thirst
(c) only joy and pain
(d) only anxiety and fear

10. What does the preacher say is available to the living to spare them from this everlasting torment?
(a) candles and incense
(b) vows
(c) unqualified absolution
(d) repentance

11. How does Stephen see his acts of devotion to God?
(a) as notches in a heavenly belt
(b) as pressing keys of a divine cash register
(c) as tally marks on a chalkboard
(d) as protection against prostitutes

12. What offer does the director make to Stephen when he calls him to his office?
(a) to skip a grade in school
(b) to become the student enforcer
(c) to join the Jesuits
(d) to become his assistant

13. Why does Stephen exert enormous energy in filling his days with penitent devotion, zealous prayers, and rosary recitations?
(a) to prepare himself for the seminary
(b) to memorize Catholic ritual
(c) to please his mother
(d) in elaborate attempts to mortify his senses

14. What does Stephen think when he sees his friends playing in the water?
(a) how confident they appear against his insecurities
(b) how much stronger their bodies appear than his does
(c) how they look characterless and pitiable in their nakedness
(d) how they seem happy and without a care in the world

15. What sensation does Stephen get while thinking back to Clongowes?
(a) He feels ashamed of his father's financial difficulties.
(b) He feels like the retreat is like falling into a ditch.
(c) He feels his soul become childlike.
(d) He feels all grown up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What goes through Stephen's head as he enters the confessional?

2. What is detailed by cramped conditions, the darkness, the stench, the fires, the enraged howls and suffering screams of the damned, and the mocking of devils?

3. What are some things Stephen remembers while contemplating his sins?

4. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?

5. Going through all these strict devotions, how does Stephen come to feel about himself?

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