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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Stephen now view the guardians of his boyhood?
(a) as means of controlling him
(b) as the factor that has made him strong
(c) as ways of keeping him ignorant
(d) as necessary influences

2. What about his life in the past does Stephen now wonder about?
(a) why his family always had such bad luck
(b) why he always thinks too much
(c) why he refused the priesthood
(d) why he had been born

3. What does Stephen think about when he hears his name called?
(a) the Greek myth of Daedalus and his son Icarus as prophecy
(b) startled that he almost forgot his real name
(c) Jesus calling his disciples to follow him
(d) what a strange name he has

4. How does Stephen classify one who plays the role of a believer though he does not believe?
(a) as an atheist
(b) as an agnostic
(c) as a hypocrite
(d) as a Jesuit

5. What is Stephen coming to believe about gaining wisdom?
(a) It must happen through a miracle.
(b) It must be learned through study.
(c) It must involve his family.
(d) It must come from his own experience.

6. What does the rector announce to the class?
(a) extra credit for serving as altarboys
(b) an early dismissal for the next few days
(c) tests for a scholarship program
(d) a retreat over the next few days

7. On his guilt trips, what does Stephen believe?
(a) that God created him the way he is and there is nothing he can do about it
(b) that maybe there is no God and no need for religion
(c) that he can confess to the Virgin and never do it again
(d) that false homage to God cannot atone for sin as grievous as his.

8. At the first of the retreat, what helps to awaken Stephen's soul slightly?
(a) the topic of Pergatory
(b) the topics of death and judgment
(c) the topics of love and forgiveness
(d) the topic of a caring God

9. As he goes outside, what serves to increase his piety?
(a) the sound of bells
(b) the raw morning air
(c) the songs of the birds
(d) the smell of baking bread

10. What does the preacher say is available to the living to spare them from this everlasting torment?
(a) vows
(b) candles and incense
(c) repentance
(d) unqualified absolution

11. Leaving the director's office, what does Stephen think about the life offered him?
(a) He is filled with pride that the director thinks he is so good.
(b) He does not see the priest as being more devoted than he is.
(c) He is filled with fear that his family will reject him.
(d) He questions his motives for wanting to be a priest.

12. How does Stephen begin to see his mother's faith?
(a) as being insincere and empty
(b) as being the cause of his father's failures
(c) as fading away with the family trials
(d) as being disloyal toward him

13. What suddenly awakens in Stephen as he revels in nature along the breakwater?
(a) a new found creativity
(b) a better understanding of his family
(c) a desire to return to the church
(d) a longing for security

14. Why does Stephen exert enormous energy in filling his days with penitent devotion, zealous prayers, and rosary recitations?
(a) to prepare himself for the seminary
(b) to please his mother
(c) to memorize Catholic ritual
(d) in elaborate attempts to mortify his senses

15. What distracting sight does Stephen come upon while he wades in the water?
(a) a passing ship headed for new adventures
(b) a long legged crane perched on one leg
(c) a porpoise leaping in the salty water
(d) a beautiful girl standing in the water gazing out to sea

Short Answer Questions

1. After dinner, why does Stephen march out of the house?

2. What begins to take on an attractive appearance to Stephen?

3. How does the director describe the life of a priest?

4. What does the rector say the retreat signifies?

5. What causes Stephen to recall how saints were tried again and again by sin?

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