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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Stephen's hands when Father Dolan does not believe his glasses broke by accident?
(a) They are given whacks with the pandybat.
(b) They are tied behind his back.
(c) They are pressed against the wall.
(d) They are placed in hot water.

2. What gives Stephen a second clue that all is not well financially with the family?
(a) He notices slight changes around the house.
(b) He does not get new clothes.
(c) His mother takes in laundry.
(d) His father sells the automobile.

3. After the punishment, what are Flemming and Stephen told to do?
(a) return to their seats
(b) sit on the floor
(c) stand in the corner
(d) kneel

4. What emotion does Stephen have over the reversal of his family's fortunes?
(a) indifference
(b) incredulity
(c) sadness
(d) mortification

5. Why is Stephen exempted from his classes?
(a) because he is still running a fever
(b) because he was perfect on his exams
(c) because he broke his arm
(d) because his glasses are broken

6. What do Stephen and Aubrey Mills formulate?
(a) a team to make money
(b) ways to meet girls
(c) a blood brother pact
(d) imaginary adventures

7. What does Stephen complain about to the rector?
(a) Father Dolan interfering in Father Arnall's class
(b) unjust punishment
(c) broken fingers
(d) broken blood vessels in his hands

8. What is the name of the character Stephen is fixated on?
(a) Bentley Ann
(b) Minnie Cooper
(c) Mercedes
(d) Porsche

9. What is Stephen's favorite reading material?
(a) the newspaper
(b) The Pickwick Papers
(c) comic books
(d) The Count of Monte Cristo

10. What does Mr. Casey say he did to a woman who was speaking ill of Parnell?
(a) slapped her with his gloves
(b) stepped on her toes
(c) showed her his backside
(d) spit tobacco juice in her eye

11. What does Stephen do about new words he hears the adults use?
(a) figures out their meanings
(b) makes a list but does not spell them correctly
(c) interrupts conversation to ask their meanings
(d) tries to use them in his own conversation

12. How does Stephen see the priests in this first chapter of the book?
(a) as irreligious
(b) as merciless oppressors
(c) as flawless beings
(d) as avenging angels of God

13. What is Stephen's most troubling problem as he sees it?
(a) the wasting fires of lust
(b) the need to make money
(c) the lack of faith
(d) the bad influences of his friends

14. What scandalous suggestion is rumored about the five boys who ran away?
(a) They were showing their bottoms to ladies on the street.
(b) They were caught "smugging" in the square with two younger boys.
(c) They had smuggled a prostitute into the school
(d) They were caught peeping into ladies' bedrooms.

15. What does Stephen figure out about his not returning to Clongowes?
(a) From then on he will be home schooled.
(b) They plan to send him to England to study.
(c) His father has converted to Protestantism.
(d) It signifies a change in his father's finances.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the rumor about the five boys who ran away from Clongowes?

2. How does Stephen regulate the noise he hears in the refractory?

3. Who does Stephen suspect is also in the audience the night of the play?

4. What do Stephen and Aubrey do in the meadow?

5. After the punishment, what do the boys urge Stephen to do?

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