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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the punishment, what are Flemming and Stephen told to do?
(a) sit on the floor
(b) stand in the corner
(c) kneel
(d) return to their seats

2. While onstage delivering his lines, who does Stephen see in the audience?
(a) Father Arnall
(b) his father with a strange woman
(c) Uncle Charles and Dante
(d) the girl from the tram

3. What is Stephen's most troubling problem as he sees it?
(a) the need to make money
(b) the bad influences of his friends
(c) the lack of faith
(d) the wasting fires of lust

4. What is the literary method used in the novel?
(a) stream of consciousness
(b) chronological account
(c) metaphor and irony
(d) parody

5. What scandalous suggestion is rumored about the five boys who ran away?
(a) They were caught peeping into ladies' bedrooms.
(b) They were caught "smugging" in the square with two younger boys.
(c) They had smuggled a prostitute into the school
(d) They were showing their bottoms to ladies on the street.

6. During table conversation, what is a local Catholic priest accused of?
(a) mixing politics into his sermons
(b) getting drunk on communion wine
(c) molesting children
(d) teaching apostacy

7. What choice is given two of the older boys after the group of runaways is returned to Clongowes?
(a) a choice between flogging or the gauntlet
(b) a choice between flogging and expulsion
(c) a choice between flogging or the stocks
(d) a choice between flogging or public humiliation

8. When does Stephen feel happy?
(a) only when he has a sweet to eat
(b) only when he is alone
(c) only when he sees the girl from the tram
(d) only when he thinks of Mercedes

9. What emotion does Stephen have over the reversal of his family's fortunes?
(a) sadness
(b) mortification
(c) incredulity
(d) indifference

10. What does Stephen like in Doctor Cornwell's Spelling Book?
(a) margin notes he wrote
(b) nice sentences
(c) large print
(d) funny illustrations

11. What does Stephen figure out about his not returning to Clongowes?
(a) His father has converted to Protestantism.
(b) It signifies a change in his father's finances.
(c) From then on he will be home schooled.
(d) They plan to send him to England to study.

12. What political figure becomes a topic of conversation and disagreement among the adults?
(a) Cromwell
(b) Churchill
(c) Goldsmith
(d) Parnell

13. Why is Stephen exempted from his classes?
(a) because he was perfect on his exams
(b) because he is still running a fever
(c) because he broke his arm
(d) because his glasses are broken

14. After the punishment, what do the boys urge Stephen to do?
(a) run away from the school
(b) put tacks in Father Dolan's chair
(c) call the police
(d) visit the rector

15. What are Stephen's father and the priests always urging him to do?
(a) to work harder at his lessons
(b) to be a gentleman and a good Catholic
(c) to enter the priesthood
(d) to confess his sins daily

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephen follow the adult conversation at Christmas?

2. Who does Stephen suspect is also in the audience the night of the play?

3. After what does Stephen model his poem titles in his notebook?

4. What does Stephen do immediately after the play?

5. Who gets into an argument during Christmas dinner?

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