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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit does Stephen hang onto?
(a) his habit of writing poems
(b) his habit of eavesdropping
(c) his habit of cutting classes
(d) his habit of obedience

2. What suddenly awakens in Stephen as he revels in nature along the breakwater?
(a) a longing for security
(b) a new found creativity
(c) a desire to return to the church
(d) a better understanding of his family

3. What worries Stephen about his devotions?
(a) that there is not enough time in the day to do them all
(b) that he is not doing them the right way
(c) that no degree of devotion shall ever be enough
(d) that he is forgetting some improtant devltions

4. Who does not want Stephen to go to the university?
(a) his brothers and sisters
(b) his mother
(c) the Jesuits
(d) Stephen

5. What does Stephen seem to hear now that he has changed the course of his life?
(a) raindrops falling on his head
(b) noisey clanging of discord
(c) symphonies of opportunity
(d) strains of elfin music filled with nature

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the preacher say the soul of the sinner is judged, and the time for repentance is passed?

2. What results from Stephen's meeting to complain about Father Dolan?

3. What about his life in the past does Stephen now wonder about?

4. What goes through Stephen's head as he enters the confessional?

5. Where does Stephen's father want to send him?

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