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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What suddenly awakens in Stephen as he revels in nature along the breakwater?
(a) a desire to return to the church
(b) a better understanding of his family
(c) a longing for security
(d) a new found creativity

2. Going through all these strict devotions, how does Stephen come to feel about himself?
(a) as newly born and as having a virtuous soul
(b) as a serious candidate for the priesthood
(c) as a person burdened with grave responsibility
(d) as an unworthy penitent

3. When the rector enters the classroom, what does the boy behind Stephen want him to do?
(a) to pretend to plug up his ears
(b) to lead a salute to the rector
(c) to ask the rector a difficult question
(d) to put an apple on the rector's desk

4. What is demanded by boys Stephen meets on the road?
(a) an introduction to Mercedes
(b) to play hookey that afternoon
(c) identification of his favorite poet
(d) money for his lunch

5. What does Stephen discover when he returns home from the director's office?
(a) His father is in the hospital.
(b) They are all excited about his becoming a priest.
(c) The family is being forced to move again.
(d) Uncle Charles has died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the trip that causes Stephen's father to sip from his flask?

2. What does Stephen seem to hear now that he has changed the course of his life?

3. How does Stephen now view his life?

4. What will be the subjects of the retreat?

5. How does Stephen see his acts of devotion to God?

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