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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During table conversation, what is a local Catholic priest accused of?
(a) molesting children
(b) teaching apostacy
(c) getting drunk on communion wine
(d) mixing politics into his sermons

2. Where does Stephen keep himself during the football game?
(a) next to the prefect
(b) on the bench
(c) on the fringes of his line
(d) In the thick of the action

3. By summer, where has the family moved?
(a) Dublin
(b) Liverpool
(c) Glaway
(d) Blackrock

4. What happens to Stephen's hands when Father Dolan does not believe his glasses broke by accident?
(a) They are given whacks with the pandybat.
(b) They are pressed against the wall.
(c) They are placed in hot water.
(d) They are tied behind his back.

5. What does Heron claim Lord Byron to be?
(a) to be a Frenchman
(b) to be a hack writer
(c) to be an imposter
(d) to be an immoral heretic

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephen see the priests in this first chapter of the book?

2. While onstage delivering his lines, who does Stephen see in the audience?

3. What do the older men Stephen walks with usually talk about?

4. After what does Stephen model his poem titles in his notebook?

5. What is a major theme of the book?

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