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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Stephen keep himself during the football game?
(a) on the fringes of his line
(b) next to the prefect
(c) on the bench
(d) In the thick of the action

2. What do the boys at school tease Stephen about?
(a) writing letters to Eileen
(b) kissing his mother before bedtime
(c) wearing short pants
(d) wetting his bed

3. How does Stephen regulate the noise he hears in the refractory?
(a) closing and opening the flaps of his ears
(b) shutting out sound by concentration on home
(c) humming softly to himself
(d) putting beans in his ears

4. How does Stephen see the priests in this first chapter of the book?
(a) as avenging angels of God
(b) as merciless oppressors
(c) as irreligious
(d) as flawless beings

5. What was Stephen's early song?
(a) The Irish Lullaby
(b) In the Gloaming
(c) Old Dan tucker
(d) O, the Wild Rose Blooms

Short Answer Questions

1. After the punishment, what are Flemming and Stephen told to do?

2. During table conversation, what is a local Catholic priest accused of?

3. Who bumps Stephen into a square ditch of slimy, cold water?

4. What results when Stephen is bullied again?

5. What political figure becomes a topic of conversation and disagreement among the adults?

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