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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephen do after waking from a dream about an angel?
(a) tries to go back to sleep to continue the dream
(b) forgets the dream immediately
(c) writes down verses that come to him
(d) begins to cry tears of pure joy

2. What breaks up Stephen's general state of doubt and mistrust?
(a) It is occasionally lit up by intuition.
(b) It is often obscured by fears and insecruities.
(c) It is dispersed sometimes by hopes for the future.
(d) It is occasionally aggravated by religious guilt.

3. Where does Stephen's father want to send him?
(a) to Australia
(b) to a trade school
(c) the university
(d) to New York

4. What are some things Stephen remembers while contemplating his sins?
(a) peeping on girls in their bath
(b) the filthy pictures he had drawn
(c) his sordid dreams and the foul letters he had written
(d) the ribald poetery he wrote

5. What limits the omniscience of the narrator of the story?
(a) He speaks largely from Stephen's perspective.
(b) He speaks mainly from Stephen's mother's point of view.
(c) He speaks only as an Irish nationalist.
(d) He speaks with a devoutly religious voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephen regulate the noise he hears in the refractory?

2. What results from Stephen's meeting to complain about Father Dolan?

3. What does Stephen wonder about Father Arnall's getting upset?

4. What is a major theme of the book?

5. What do the boys at school tease Stephen about?

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