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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How could Stephen's thoughts after leaving the director's office be described in one word?
(a) empty
(b) vain
(c) astonished
(d) hostile

2. After dinner, why does Stephen march out of the house?
(a) to go by the brothels to see if he can overcome his lusts
(b) to return to school and see Father Arnall
(c) to find Emma and beg her forgiveness
(d) to find a chapel in which to confess

3. What does Stephen figure out about his not returning to Clongowes?
(a) From then on he will be home schooled.
(b) They plan to send him to England to study.
(c) It signifies a change in his father's finances.
(d) His father has converted to Protestantism.

4. Leaving the director's office, what does Stephen think about the life offered him?
(a) He is filled with fear that his family will reject him.
(b) He does not see the priest as being more devoted than he is.
(c) He is filled with pride that the director thinks he is so good.
(d) He questions his motives for wanting to be a priest.

5. What worries Stephen about his devotions?
(a) that no degree of devotion shall ever be enough
(b) that there is not enough time in the day to do them all
(c) that he is forgetting some improtant devltions
(d) that he is not doing them the right way

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests that Stephen broke his glasses himself in order to get out of his schoolwork?

2. How does Stephen view the dean of studies?

3. Who bumps Stephen into a square ditch of slimy, cold water?

4. How does Stephen react to the announcement of the rector?

5. How does Stephen classify one who plays the role of a believer though he does not believe?

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