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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephen discover when he returns home from the director's office?
(a) They are all excited about his becoming a priest.
(b) His father is in the hospital.
(c) Uncle Charles has died.
(d) The family is being forced to move again.

2. How does Stephen now view his life?
(a) as a hopeless drifter without proper education
(b) as a drudge worker in a heartless world
(c) as an escape from the old path and embarking on a new one
(d) as a complete waste from which he learned nothing

3. Who does Stephen suspect is also in the audience the night of the play?
(a) Mercedes
(b) Margaret
(c) Josephine
(d) the girl from the tram

4. Who does Lynch whisper to Stephen is also under the shelter?
(a) the nuns from the madhouse
(b) Stephen's mother
(c) the girl from the tram
(d) the girl from the sea

5. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?
(a) the tears of the virgin Mary
(b) his sins replayed before him
(c) the girl Emma begging bread
(d) faces of saints

Short Answer Questions

1. Although he purposefully enters the brothel, how does he feel later?

2. How does Davin make Stephen feel sometimes?

3. How does Stephen begin seeing himself?

4. What happens when summer vacation is over for Stephen?

5. How does Stephen consider the English language?

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