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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What scandalous suggestion is rumored about the five boys who ran away?
(a) They had smuggled a prostitute into the school
(b) They were caught peeping into ladies' bedrooms.
(c) They were showing their bottoms to ladies on the street.
(d) They were caught "smugging" in the square with two younger boys.

2. What does Stephen find pleasing when he tires of Aristotle and Aquinas?
(a) the ideas he has for his own original work
(b) the newspaper headlines
(c) the songs of the Elizabethans
(d) the crunch of gravel beneath his feet

3. To what does Stephen devote each different day of the week?
(a) to a different religious facet or figure
(b) to physical exercise
(c) to recruiting new students to join him
(d) to studying a different section of the catechism

4. Where does Stephen's father want to send him?
(a) to New York
(b) the university
(c) to Australia
(d) to a trade school

5. What are the Fenians?
(a) supporters of Irish nationalism
(b) people searching for rainbows
(c) fictional Celtic gods
(d) French-Irish mixtures

Short Answer Questions

1. After the punishment, what are Flemming and Stephen told to do?

2. Who does not want Stephen to go to the university?

3. What habit does Stephen hang onto?

4. What does Stephen discover when he returns home from the director's office?

5. What public transportation does Stephen take?

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