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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What public transportation does Stephen take?
(a) horse drawn trams
(b) new motor buses
(c) shank's mare
(d) market carts

2. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?
(a) the girl Emma begging bread
(b) his sins replayed before him
(c) faces of saints
(d) the tears of the virgin Mary

3. After the confession, how does Stephen feel?
(a) glad that it is over but feeling the same
(b) happy to tell everyone his joy
(c) afraid he will die before receiving holy communion
(d) euphoric and filled with grace

4. What is the symbolism used to show Stephen's returning to nature?
(a) picking up rocks for his collection
(b) joining the boys to swim in the water
(c) whistling a response to the song birds
(d) removing his stockings and wading in the breakwater

5. At the first of the retreat, what helps to awaken Stephen's soul slightly?
(a) the topics of love and forgiveness
(b) the topics of death and judgment
(c) the topic of Pergatory
(d) the topic of a caring God

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephen classify one who plays the role of a believer though he does not believe?

2. Why does Uncle Charles no longer walk to the shops?

3. What causes Stephen to recall how saints were tried again and again by sin?

4. What are some things Stephen remembers while contemplating his sins?

5. What do the older men Stephen walks with usually talk about?

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