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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the director describe the life of a priest?
(a) as having authority and power without material cares
(b) as one of constant meditation and prayer
(c) as being free from all temptation
(d) as being a way to become rich

2. How does the preacher define sin?
(a) a giving in to our naturally base natures
(b) a wallowing in sinful mire
(c) a rebellion of the intellect, incompatible with our true nature
(d) a slap in the face of God

3. What does Stephen suddenly realize about his family relationships?
(a) that they have never been strong
(b) that they are becoming stronger
(c) that they are silently severing
(d) that they have stiffled the family

4. What distracting sight does Stephen come upon while he wades in the water?
(a) a beautiful girl standing in the water gazing out to sea
(b) a passing ship headed for new adventures
(c) a long legged crane perched on one leg
(d) a porpoise leaping in the salty water

5. For what does Stephen continually search?
(a) for his Mercedes
(b) for his friend Aubrey
(c) for a job
(d) for his fortune

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps him from confessing his unworthiness and walking out of the chapel?

2. What does the preacher say awaits those who do not make use of the atonement of Christ to right their relationship with God?

3. As he goes outside, what serves to increase his piety?

4. What do Stephen and Aubrey Mills formulate?

5. While onstage delivering his lines, who does Stephen see in the audience?

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