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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Caroline's first love?
(a) He was gay
(b) He married someone else
(c) He died from war injuries
(d) He moved to Seattle

2. When does Al Greco leave his hotel?
(a) At dawn
(b) At noon
(c) When it gets dark
(d) At sunset

3. Who is Lute surprised to see come into the Stage Coach Inn?
(a) Ed Charney
(b) Julian and Caroline
(c) Ross Campbell
(d) Harry Reilly

4. Who does Julian speak to on the veranda?
(a) Monsignor Creedon
(b) Harry Reilly
(c) Ed Charney
(d) Lute Fliegler

5. What is Foxie expecting later tonight?
(a) A liquor delivery
(b) A poker game
(c) A blind date
(d) Several dinner parties

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Julian enter the house when he returns home?

2. What happens when Julian arrives at Harry's home?

3. How does Julian try to not get too drunk tonight?

4. Where do Lute and Irma Fliegler attend a Christmas night dinner dance?

5. Where does Julian typically get loans?

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