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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julian have to stop the car to fix?
(a) The radiator belt
(b) The fuel pump
(c) A flat tire
(d) The tire chain

2. Who does Julian see at Harry's home?
(a) Harry
(b) Lute
(c) Harry's sister
(d) Ed

3. Lute does not drink too much or __________________.
(a) Go to church
(b) Use prostitutes
(c) Spend too much money
(d) Cheat on his wife

4. What topic does Caroline talk about on the way home?
(a) Tomorrow's party
(b) The bracelet from Julian
(c) The situation with Harry
(d) The gifts from his parents

5. What does Caroline threaten to do if Julian does not fix the situation with Harry?
(a) Have an affair
(b) Cancel the party
(c) Go to her mother's
(d) Leave him

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Julian enter the house when he returns home?

2. Who does Julian speak to on the veranda?

3. Who was Caroline's second love?

4. What is Foxie expecting later tonight?

5. Of all the men she dated which one seemed to be the right man for her to marry?

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