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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How could the late-1920s be characterized for America?
(a) Boom time
(b) Recession
(c) Depression
(d) High inflation

2. After the strike it was too much trouble to ____________________.
(a) Re-open the mines
(b) Find new jobs
(c) Ship the coal
(d) Switch back to coal

3. Who is Al Grecco's boss?
(a) Julian English
(b) Lute Fliegler
(c) Ross Campbell
(d) Ed Charney

4. What are the people in the room doing?
(a) Drinking
(b) Having dinner
(c) Playing billiards
(d) Playing cards

5. To whose point of view does the narrative transition in this chapter?
(a) Julian's
(b) Lute's
(c) Irma's
(d) Caroline's

6. What do the big spenders drink?
(a) Gin
(b) Brandy
(c) Scotch
(d) Whiskey

7. What was the profession of William English's father?
(a) Politician
(b) Bank president
(c) Physician
(d) Attorney

8. What day is it when Chapter 2, Part 1 opens?
(a) Christmas Day
(b) New Year's Day
(c) Memorial Day
(d) Labor Day

9. What day is it when Chapter 2, Part 3 begins?
(a) Christmas Day
(b) Christmas Eve
(c) New Year's Eve
(d) Memorial Day

10. What does Lute arrange to pick up?
(a) Deli trays
(b) His mother
(c) Champagne
(d) Studebaker sedan

11. What do both Julian and Caroline get from the Englishes?
(a) Tickets for a cruise
(b) A new car
(c) Theater tickets
(d) An envelope with money

12. In what room are the characters sitting?
(a) Library
(b) Dining Room
(c) Billiards Room
(d) Smoking Room

13. What is the reason Ed cannot go to the Stage Coach Inn tonight?
(a) He got a flat tire
(b) He has the flu
(c) His son broke his arm
(d) His car is broken

14. How does Julian's father view Julian's drinking?
(a) A phase
(b) A character flaw
(c) A fraternity prank
(d) A fatal flaw

15. What does Julian's father chastise him for?
(a) His mistress
(b) His drinking
(c) His spending
(d) His clothes

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Caroline say she will attempt to come to their party?

2. What day is it as the novel opens?

3. What does Julian want to do to the person telling the story?

4. From what disease is William English's father assumed to have suffered?

5. In what city do Lute and Irma live?

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