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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julian do for ten years after his father's death?
(a) Pays back the money he embezzled
(b) Hates his father intensely
(c) Goes to grief counseling
(d) Goes to his grave every day

2. What is the reason Ed cannot go to the Stage Coach Inn tonight?
(a) His son broke his arm
(b) He got a flat tire
(c) He has the flu
(d) His car is broken

3. What possession of her grandfather's does Irma wish she had?
(a) Congressional Medal of Honor
(b) Photos
(c) Car
(d) Clock

4. What did Julian get Caroline for Christmas?
(a) Vacation home
(b) Mink Coat
(c) Cadillac
(d) Expensive bracelet

5. What are the people in the room doing?
(a) Having dinner
(b) Drinking
(c) Playing billiards
(d) Playing cards

6. What is the relationship between Julian and the person telling the story?
(a) He is Julian's brother
(b) He is Julian's father-in-law
(c) He is Julian's fraternity brother
(d) He has a lot of money invested in Julian's business

7. Caroline knows that Julian is jealous of ___________ attention toward her.
(a) Ed's
(b) Ross'
(c) Lute's
(d) Harry's

8. What is the distinction Julian has with Ed Charney?
(a) He sells Ed a new Cadillac every year
(b) He can get booze on credit from Ed
(c) He is Ed's son-in-law
(d) He is Ed's godson

9. Gibbsville lies in the _____________________ region.
(a) Piedmont
(b) Valley
(c) Brandywine
(d) Anthracite coal

10. Julian's parents are very fond of ________________.
(a) Good wine
(b) Money
(c) Caroline
(d) Traveling

11. What does Al order for lunch at the Apollo?
(a) Meat loaf dinner
(b) Turkey dinner
(c) Burger and fries
(d) Ham dinner

12. To whose point of view does the narrative transition in this chapter?
(a) Julian's
(b) Irma's
(c) Lute's
(d) Caroline's

13. What have the children done already this morning?
(a) Gone to church
(b) Had a hearty breakfast
(c) Opened gifts and eaten candy
(d) Played in the snow

14. Who is William Dilworth English?
(a) Julian's grandfather
(b) Julian's nephew
(c) Julian's father
(d) Julian's brother

15. Whose opinion is Julian concerned with today?
(a) Lute's
(b) His mother's
(c) His father's
(d) Caroline's

Short Answer Questions

1. Which physician does William English not like?

2. Who wakes his wife as the story begins?

3. What is Lute's occupation?

4. What does Lute arrange to pick up?

5. What is the value of each gift given to Julian and Caroline?

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