Appointment in Samarra Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are Irma Fliegler's thoughts as she looks out the window on Christmas morning?

Irma looks out the window onto Lantenengo Street to see the snow and finds that she is thinking about how much she hates the Jewish family that has moved in across the street. Even though they paid much more than the asking price of their house, Irma is convinced that the Jewish family is driving down property values on her street.

2. How does Irma feel superior to the Jewish people across the street?

Irma gets back into bed, thinking that, unlike the Jewish family, she belongs on Lantenengo Street. She belongs there, not only because she is Lute's wife, but also because she comes from one of the oldest and best families in Gibbsville. Her grandfather was even awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

3. Who are the happiest people in this story?

Before being introduced to this book's unhappy protagonist, the reader is introduced to the happiest two people in this story, Lute and Irma Fliegler. They are a secure couple, content with each other and with what they have. Though they have postponed some luxuries due to the Depression, the spare tire of flesh around Irma's middle symbolizes the comfort and excess that the Flieglers experience.

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