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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who owns the Stage Coach Inn?
(a) Doug Ross
(b) Lute Fliegler
(c) Ed Charney
(d) Julian English

2. What is the value of each gift given to Julian and Caroline?
(a) $750
(b) $2,500
(c) $250
(d) $1,250

3. What does Al yell from his car window?
(a) "Merry Christmas, you stuck-up bastards!"
(b) "And to all a good night!"
(c) "God bless us everyone!"
(d) "Happy New Year!"

4. What does Julian's mother scold him for?
(a) Spending too much money
(b) Living in the wrong neighborhood
(c) Marrying the wrong girl
(d) Developing a double chin

5. What is the distinction Julian has with Ed Charney?
(a) He can get booze on credit from Ed
(b) He sells Ed a new Cadillac every year
(c) He is Ed's godson
(d) He is Ed's son-in-law

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Al go?

2. How many miles does Al travel?

3. Which family is the focus of Chapter 2, Part 2?

4. Where will the family be going for a party later on?

5. From where do most of Foxie's customers come?

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