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Chapter 1, Part 1

• The story opens on Christmas morning in Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, in 1930.

• Irma Fliegler looks out her window and thinks how much she detests the Jewish people who have moved in across the street.

• Irma hopes that prosperity will return soon so she can join the country club with her husband, Lute.

Chapter 1, Part 2

• The upper class men of Gibbsville are meeting and drinking in the smoking room of the Lantenengo Country Club.

• Since it is the Prohibition Era, most people must buy liquor by buying drug store rye on prescription.

• A few big spenders like Julian English are able to afford Scotch and have the connections to get it.

• An Irish Catholic man named Harry Reilly is telling a story to a group of men and Julian wants to throw a drink in his face but refrains.

• The narrator later reveals that Julian has thrown a drink...

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