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Short Answer Questions

1. What will happen to the deformation rate of babies in fifty years, according to the Arch Vicar?

2. What is Loola threatened with when she objects to her assigned job?

3. What is the name for those who do not obey the strict mating rituals of the Arch Vicar's religion?

4. What does the Arch Vicar believe about Belial's relationship to the atomic bomb?

5. What is the Arch Vicar's opinion of demon possession?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene, including the chanting, taking place in the Los Angeles Coliseum at the height of the Purification Ceremonies.

2. What difference does the narrator make between conscience and customs?

3. Why does Loola feel that Dr. Poole is different from other men she has known?

4. Does the Arch Vicar wish for Dr. Poole to join the church? Why or why not?

5. What happens to young boys who show early signs of sexual aggression in the primitive community?

6. Describe Dr. Poole's emotional state of mind after being ravished by the two mulatto girls.

7. What effect has the Industrial Revolution had on humanity according to the Arch Vicar?

8. What became of the Canterbury and its crew, ultimately?

9. What scientific reason does the script narrator give for the restrictive mating season of the primitives?

10. What restrictions are placed on mating in the primitive community? What happens to those who dare to disobey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is organized religion depicted in Ape and Essence? Do you believe Huxley intends the Arch Vicar's religion to provide a characterization of all of organized religion? How might the Belial religion compare to modern Christian religion? Is organized religion another of society's ills in Huxley's view?

Essay Topic 2

Sex versus romance creates tension in Ape and Essence. Explain how this tension is developed through the following situations:

a) The relationship between Dr. Poole and Loola.

b) The relationship between Dr. Poole and Miss Ethel Hook.

c) The Chief's sexual behavior versus the Arch Vicar's sexual behavior

d) The seasonal mating ritual of the primitives

Essay Topic 3

Describe the Hots Community. What are their beliefs? How were they formed? What is their culture like? Why does Dr. Poole wish to flee to this community?

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