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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advantage does the Arch Vicar see for an unmutated male to join his church?
(a) The church will kill all lust and temptation in the man.
(b) The church will instill values of hard work and friendship.
(c) The church will continue to protect the man from mutation.
(d) The church will greatly add to the probability that the man sires a healthy baby.

2. What job is assigned to Loola after her job review?
(a) Director of Food Production.
(b) Chorus Singer.
(c) Midwife.
(d) Mining cemetery worker.

3. On what structure are the babies sacrificed?
(a) Vessel of the Unholy Spirit.
(b) Belial's Butcher Block.
(c) The High Altar.
(d) The Occasional Table.

4. What happens to sexually aggressive boys in the primitive community?
(a) They are sacrificed on the high altar.
(b) Their aggression is encouraged for the good of the community.
(c) They are chained in a dungeon.
(d) They are castrated.

5. Where are the Arch Vicar's books kept?
(a) The Seminary.
(b) The High Altar.
(c) The Unholy of Unholies.
(d) The Baker's Store.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Arch Vicar's opinion of demon possession?

2. How does the Arch Vicar aid Dr. Poole in seeing the mating rituals better?

3. What does the Arch Vicar believe about Belial's relationship to the atomic bomb?

4. To what university is Dr. Poole assigned?

5. What is the Chief's perspective on sexual intercourse?

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