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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many books has the Arch Vicar managed to save from destruction?
(a) 3000 - 4000.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Forty-five.
(d) None.

2. In his conversation with Dr. Poole, the Arch Vicar shows himself to be an expert in which field?
(a) World history.
(b) Computers.
(c) Trains.
(d) Chemistry.

3. What does the Arch Vicar tell Dr. Poole about his scientist friends?
(a) They were wounded trying to find him, and there will be no rescue.
(b) They were malnourished and fell to a pack of wolves.
(c) They are coming for him now, and he must make a choice as to where to go.
(d) They are all dead from gamma radiation.

4. Why is Loola afraid of entering into a romantic relationship with Dr. Poole?
(a) It is against the law.
(b) They will probably have a deformed baby.
(c) He is always joking and never takes anything seriously, which annoys her.
(d) He is a foreigner, and foreigners are evil and not to be trusted.

5. The Hots community has what relationship to the government of the primitives?
(a) The Hots are secretly led by the government, and so secretly follow its orders.
(b) The Hots community does not honor any government edicts or demands.
(c) The Hots cower in front of the government and will honor any request.
(d) The Hots benefit financially from following governmental orders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which, according to the script's narrator, is not one of the "fruits of the ape-mind"?

2. Who stands guard over Dr. Poole during the mating rituals to ensure he does not escape?

3. What advantage does the Arch Vicar see for an unmutated male to join his church?

4. According to the Arch Vicar, what makes men into cowards, saints, and humans?

5. Why is Chief displeased with Dr. Poole and his opinion of food production?

Short Essay Questions

1. What restrictions are placed on mating in the primitive community? What happens to those who dare to disobey?

2. List the allusions/references found in this section of the text.

3. Describe the initial entrance of the Arch Vicar.

4. What is peculiar about the babies being prepared for the Purification Ceremonies?

5. Describe the final scene of the film involving William Tallis' gravestone.

6. What scientific reason does the script narrator give for the restrictive mating season of the primitives?

7. What commentary does the script narrator offer about joy (as described in a poem by Shelley) and the possibility of joy in the ape-mind?

8. How does the poetry of Percy Shelley contribute to the development of romance between Dr. Poole and Loola?

9. How does the Arch Vicar find out about Dr. Poole's escape? How does he react?

10. What happens to young boys who show early signs of sexual aggression in the primitive community?

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