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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bob fears Elaine is cheating on him with which man?
(a) William Tallis.
(b) Lou Lublin.
(c) The narrator.
(d) A Moldavian baron.

2. How do the primitives explain the men's propensity to hit women?
(a) Women are possessed by Belial.
(b) Women need to be toughened up to survive in the wilderness.
(c) Women deserve beatings for their inherent wickedness.
(d) Men are possessed by Belial.

3. On which street corner does Chief order books to be incinerated?
(a) 11th Street and Washington Boulevard.
(b) Mausoleum Way and Hollywood Cemetery Square.
(c) Belial Avenue and Azrael Drive.
(d) 5th Street and Pershing Square.

4. How does Loola feel about the beating of the young woman at the hands of the primitives' religious leader?
(a) She feels it is unjust and horrific.
(b) She feels it is necessary to maintain proper discipline.
(c) She feels it is all in good fun.
(d) She is indifferent, having seen the ritual dozens of times.

5. Who is the author of the movie script at the heart of the novel's story?
(a) William Tallis
(b) Dr. Alfred Poole.
(c) Bob Briggs.
(d) Lou Lublin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of primate represents the "least among man," according to the narrator?

2. What ritual is held among the primitives as a protection against deformed babies?

3. Why did William Tallis write "Ape and Essence"?

4. What is the youngest gravedigger tempted by, which he must resist?

5. Why is Chief concerned that no women produced healthy babies this season?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Arch Vicar's explanation for why his people worship Belial, all the while acknowledging the being's evilness.

2. What restrictions are placed on mating in the primitive community? What happens to those who dare to disobey?

3. Why are the gravediggers robbing graves?

4. Describe the Chief's conception of "Democracy."

5. How do Bob Briggs and the narrator initially become interested in "Ape and Essence"?

6. List the allusions/references found in this section of the text.

7. Set the scene for the opening of the novel. What is happening? When?

8. What is the importance of where Tallis preferred to be buried?

9. According to the Arch Vicar, did Belial need the atomic bomb to assure the destruction of mankind?

10. What is the narrator's point about love and fear when describing the crew of the Canterbury?

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