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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What destination have the team of scientists from New Zealand chosen?
(a) California.
(b) Russia.
(c) Peru.
(d) Japan.

2. What is the first thing to appear in the "Ape and Essence" screenplay?
(a) The title.
(b) A gathering of baboons.
(c) The ship called the Canterbury.
(d) The name of the producer.

3. Why are the primitives unable to make clothes?
(a) Only the Chief is allowed to wear clothes.
(b) They are religiously opposed to clothing.
(c) Cotton has changed since the radioactivity of the World War.
(d) There is no machinery left to make clothes.

4. Bob fears Elaine is cheating on him with which man?
(a) The narrator.
(b) William Tallis.
(c) Lou Lublin.
(d) A Moldavian baron.

5. What does Dr. Poole tell Chief about why New Zealand was spared in the World War?
(a) The country was deemed to not be of strategic value.
(b) Dr. Poole lies and states that most of New Zealand was destroyed.
(c) Its citizens created a magical forcefield.
(d) Dr. Poole refuses to admit he is from New Zealand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subject of the song the female baboon sings?

2. The narrator compares the beauty of the first image on screen in "Ape and Essence" to a poem by which poet?

3. What ritual is held among the primitives as a protection against deformed babies?

4. Which is NOT part of the ceremony held to safeguard against having deformed babies?

5. What became of William Tallis' immediate family?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Bob Briggs and the narrator initially become interested in "Ape and Essence"?

2. List the allusions/references found in this section of the text.

3. What background information is the narrator able to learn about William Tallis?

4. How is Dr. Poole able to argue his way out of being buried alive?

5. List the allusions/references found in this section of the text.

6. Describe the scene in which baboons are gathered at a palace.

7. What is the importance of where Tallis preferred to be buried?

8. Describe the landing of the Canterbury and the crew's first sight of land.

9. How does Bob Briggs help Rosie?

10. Describe the moment involving a religious rite practiced by the Satanic Science Practitioner.

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