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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event resulted in the destruction of a majority of mankind in the screenplay?
(a) Overpopulation of a poisonous frog.
(b) World War Three.
(c) A deadly plague.
(d) Robots who turned on their masters.

2. What is the leashed scientist beaten with by the female baboon holding him?
(a) A spatula.
(b) A candlestick.
(c) A riding switch.
(d) The Bible.

3. Why did William Tallis write "Ape and Essence"?
(a) He wanted to warn people about the fluoride put in the nation's water supply.
(b) He wanted to became a world-famous film director.
(c) He wrote the script on a bet with a friend.
(d) He wanted to earn money to send to his granddaughter.

4. Why is Bob Briggs in financial trouble?
(a) He owes back taxes.
(b) His home was recently robbed.
(c) He has accrued gambling debts.
(d) He has made a series of poor investments.

5. What is Loola's nickname for Dr. Poole?
(a) Pooh Bear.
(b) Alfie.
(c) Doc.
(d) Poolie.

Short Answer Questions

1. The lobby of the Cocktail Bar is filled with which group of people?

2. Why was New Zealand spared from the destruction that ravaged the rest of the planet?

3. Who was NOT among the team of scientists from New Zealand?

4. What is the first thing to appear in the "Ape and Essence" screenplay?

5. How do the primitives mark women who have not produced a healthy baby during the season?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the first moment of commonality shared by Dr. Poole and Loola following the rite practiced by the Satanic Science Practitioner.

2. What does Bob Briggs ask Lou Lublin for, and why? How does this relate to a religious painting?

3. List the allusions/references found in this section of the text.

4. Why does the Chief order his gravediggers to bury Dr. Poole?

5. Describe the opening of the movie "Ape and Essence."

6. Describe the circumstances during which Dr. Poole is kidnapped.

7. What is the importance of where Tallis preferred to be buried?

8. How do Chief and Dr. Poole clash over books at Pershing Square?

9. What is Bob Briggs appraisal of Gandhi?

10. Describe the Chief's conception of "Democracy."

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