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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Hots live?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) New Zealand.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Bakersfield.

2. Where do Dr. Poole and Loola first have sex?
(a) In the Hollywood cemetery.
(b) In the field.
(c) In the Unholy of Holies.
(d) In Dr. Poole's laboratory.

3. Which church member whips the mothers after the babies are sacrificed?
(a) The Satanic Science Practitioner.
(b) The Postulant.
(c) The Arch Vicar.
(d) The Patriarch of Pasadena.

4. Loola notes that Dr. Poole is different from the primitive men in what way?
(a) He likes to talk to her.
(b) He is a man of action rather than words.
(c) He expresses contempt for deformed babies.
(d) He finds no value in books.

5. When Loola is assigned to her new job, at which location does she work?
(a) Hollywood cemetery.
(b) Silver Ore Mine.
(c) The lab of the Director of Food Production.
(d) The Los Angeles Coliseum.

6. When evil destroys itself, what notion returns back to humanity?
(a) The Unholy of Holies.
(b) The Phoenix Bird.
(c) The Order of Things.
(d) The Spirit of Belial.

7. In the Arch Vicar's religion, how is procreation regulated?
(a) Couples are only allowed to mate during a two-week interval.
(b) Women are artificially inseminated.
(c) There are no restrictions on procreation.
(d) Only the most athletically gifted are allowed to mate.

8. How does Dr. Poole react to Polly's child being killed?
(a) He is caught up in the mob mentality and cheers along with everyone else.
(b) He faints.
(c) He chokes the Patriarch of Pasadena to death.
(d) He becomes angered and must be restrained.

9. The deformed babies in the Cocktail Bar were all born between what dates?
(a) January 1 and March 1.
(b) December 10 and December 17.
(c) April 4 through May 21.
(d) January 1 and December 31.

10. What is the most obvious difference between Arch Vicar's community and the Hots?
(a) The Hots do not place restrictions on mating/romance.
(b) The Hots have leprous skin conditions due to radiation.
(c) The Hots do not possess a written language.
(d) The Hots have a formal, highly controlling religious hierarchy.

11. How does the Arch Vicar respond when Dr. Poole expresses horror at the sight of blood at the sacrifice of the babies?
(a) Dr. Poole needs to be a man and toughen up.
(b) The blood represents the demons leaving the baby's body.
(c) Dr. Poole's own religion is a history full of bloodshed.
(d) The Arch Vicar hurries him away and agrees that it is a terrible sight.

12. What is the Arch Vicar's perspective on sexual intercourse?
(a) He feels no emotion from sexual intercourse.
(b) Without it, he would have no reason to go on living.
(c) It is revolting.
(d) It is healthy.

13. Who is NOT among Dr. Poole's initial guests to his new laboratory?
(a) Director of Food Production.
(b) Chief.
(c) Loola.
(d) Arch Vicar.

14. To what university is Dr. Poole assigned?
(a) The University of Southern California.
(b) UCLA.
(c) Pepperdine University.
(d) Stanford University.

15. According to the Arch Vicar, what does Man call Progress?
(a) The wickedness of graverobbing.
(b) The appeasement of Belial.
(c) The enlightenment of the soul.
(d) The destruction of the earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Dr. Poole, what happens when "evil is carried to the limit"?

2. In which garage does Dr. Poole meet with Loola in a car to have a discussion about the nature of evil?

3. How long has it taken for the primitive community to establish their pattern of mating rituals?

4. Why is Loola afraid of entering into a romantic relationship with Dr. Poole?

5. What does Flossie think about Loola's relationship with Dr. Poole?

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