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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Arch Vicar believe about Belial's relationship to the atomic bomb?
(a) Belial created atomic technology, but intended it to be used as a source of limitless energy.
(b) Belial would have degraded mankind with or without the bomb.
(c) Belial personally engineered the bomb.
(d) The bomb was essential for Belial to degrade mankind.

2. What is the reason that sex has become seasonal for the primitive community?
(a) Men are given regular injections of testosterone.
(b) Gamma radiation has interfered with female hormones.
(c) To control the population, sex is performed during certain moon phases.
(d) It is culturally ingrained and has no physical causation.

3. What is NOT given to Dr. Poole when he is assigned a job?
(a) Loola for his assistant.
(b) A laboratory.
(c) A plot of land.
(d) Several laborers.

4. What relationship does the Arch Vicar urge for Dr. Poole with respect to the church?
(a) The Arch Vicar thinks Dr. Poole would be a bad influence on the church.
(b) The Arch Vicar thinks Dr. Poole is not enlightened enough to understand the church.
(c) The Arch Vicar encourages Dr. Poole to become a full member.
(d) The Arch Vicar wishes to expel Dr. Poole from the church because of his lustful ways.

5. What is Polly's perspective on her deformed baby?
(a) Polly loves the child and does not want to see him killed.
(b) Polly is indifferent to the child, and is not present for its sacrifice.
(c) Polly hates the child, and feels it has earned its fate.
(d) Polly loves the child, but is willing to sacrifice it for the greater good.

6. Loola notes that Dr. Poole is different from the primitive men in what way?
(a) He expresses contempt for deformed babies.
(b) He likes to talk to her.
(c) He finds no value in books.
(d) He is a man of action rather than words.

7. Who is at the very top of the religious hierarchy in the primitive community?
(a) The Pope of Darkness.
(b) The Cardinal of Sin.
(c) Arch Vicar of Belial.
(d) Satanic Science Practitioner.

8. How does Dr. Poole react to Polly's child being killed?
(a) He is caught up in the mob mentality and cheers along with everyone else.
(b) He becomes angered and must be restrained.
(c) He faints.
(d) He chokes the Patriarch of Pasadena to death.

9. Where are the babies sacrificed to appease the Devil?
(a) The Los Angeles Coliseum.
(b) An abandoned warehouse.
(c) The corner of Sunset and Vine.
(d) The San Diego Zoo.

10. Who orders all the mothers to the "place of shame"?
(a) The Postulant.
(b) The Arch Vicar.
(c) The Patriarch of Pasadena.
(d) The Satanic Science Practitioner.

11. According to the Arch Vicar, why do his people worship the Devil?
(a) In order to delay the horror of the inevitable for moments longer.
(b) They feed off his power and wish to be possessed by his spirit.
(c) The Devil holds the key to rational behavior and beliefs for mankind.
(d) The Devil has humanity's best interests at heart.

12. What is the Chief's perspective on sexual intercourse?
(a) It is revolting.
(b) He enjoys it on a regular basis.
(c) He only participates in sex for procreation.
(d) He feels no emotion from sexual intercourse.

13. Which, according to the script's narrator, is not one of the "fruits of the ape-mind"?
(a) Joy.
(b) Misery.
(c) Restlessness.
(d) Hate.

14. Why is Miss Ethel Hook administered a sedative by the crew of the Canterbury?
(a) She tries to engineer a mutiny after becoming fed up with the captain.
(b) She becomes furious at Dr. Cudworth for his failure to read their map correctly.
(c) Her wounds are fatal, and she is put out of her misery.
(d) She cannot fathom the notion of leaving Dr. Poole.

15. What is used to kill the deformed babies?
(a) A knife.
(b) A hammer.
(c) They are strangled.
(d) An electric cattle prod.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Dr. Poole and Loola first have sex?

2. Why is Chief displeased with Dr. Poole and his opinion of food production?

3. For about how long does Dr. Poole work on the assignment given to him by the primitive community?

4. Which church member actually does the killing of the babies?

5. Whose tombstone do Dr. Poole and Loola discover in the desert?

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