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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6: The Script, pages 122-152.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the primitives unable to make clothes?
(a) They are religiously opposed to clothing.
(b) Only the Chief is allowed to wear clothes.
(c) There is no machinery left to make clothes.
(d) Cotton has changed since the radioactivity of the World War.

2. How does the narrator characterize the scientists from New Zealand?
(a) They are petty and jealous, and given to fighting.
(b) They are nothing special, and are quiet and humane.
(c) They are extraordinarily physically fit, which will serve them well in their travels.
(d) They were hand-selected as the most intelligent of mankind.

3. The deformed babies in the Cocktail Bar were all born between what dates?
(a) January 1 and March 1.
(b) April 4 through May 21.
(c) December 10 and December 17.
(d) January 1 and December 31.

4. When Dr. Poole and Loola stop for a night after their escape, they are thirty miles outside of what town?
(a) Lancaster.
(b) Phoenix.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Las Vegas.

5. In the human condition, what does fear NOT cast out, according to the narrator?
(a) Goodness.
(b) Desperation.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads the team of gravediggers at the Southern California mausoleum?

2. According to the Arch Vicar, how long has mankind pitted itself against Nature?

3. What do the Canterbury scientists ultimately decide to do about Dr. Poole?

4. What group of artists does Bob Briggs compare himself to in "Tallis"?

5. What does the congregation chant as the babies are sacrificed?

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