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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6: The Script, pages 122-152.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation does the Arch Vicar have for his community's restricted mating patterns?
(a) It is the Law of Belial.
(b) It is necessary for survival.
(c) It is due to excessive gamma radiation.
(d) It is due to the powerful influence of the Hots community.

2. What does Dr. Schneeglock blame for Dr. Poole's lack of a fulfillment of his promise?
(a) Dr. Poole is promiscuous and cannot stay with one woman.
(b) Dr. Poole is a gambler with significant debts.
(c) Dr. Poole still lives with his mother.
(d) Dr. Poole's mother died when he was only a baby.

3. What does the Arch Vicar blame for famine and war?
(a) Overpopulation.
(b) Greed.
(c) A failure to understand history.
(d) Drug use.

4. Which of the following is true about the scientists' rediscovery of the world?
(a) The world is still highly radioactive, and the scientists must wear suits.
(b) They crash-land because of a dense fog.
(c) They use sonar technology to find land.
(d) Oil derricks can still be seen in the water outside of shore.

5. What job is given to Dr. Poole in the primitive community?
(a) High Altar Supplicant.
(b) Gravedigger Manager.
(c) Robotics Technician.
(d) Assistant to the Director of Food Production.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Hots live?

2. According to the narrator, what was Gandhi's "great secret"?

3. What does the Arch Vicar call the calamity of World War that destroyed most of the world?

4. What injures Miss Ethel Hook when she goes to look for Dr. Poole?

5. How do the primitives explain the men's propensity to hit women?

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