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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5: The Script, pages 100-122.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Arch Vicar, how do Men destroy themselves?
(a) By impregnating women.
(b) By using drugs.
(c) By destroying their environment.
(d) By sacrificing deformed babies.

2. Why are the primitives unable to make clothes?
(a) Cotton has changed since the radioactivity of the World War.
(b) There is no machinery left to make clothes.
(c) Only the Chief is allowed to wear clothes.
(d) They are religiously opposed to clothing.

3. Who assigns jobs in the primitive community?
(a) The Patriarch of Pasadena.
(b) The Postulant.
(c) The Grand Inquisitor's Chief Assistant.
(d) The Satanic Science Practitioner.

4. What does the Arch Vicar tell Dr. Poole about his scientist friends?
(a) They were malnourished and fell to a pack of wolves.
(b) They are coming for him now, and he must make a choice as to where to go.
(c) They are all dead from gamma radiation.
(d) They were wounded trying to find him, and there will be no rescue.

5. What is the Arch Vicar's perspective on sexual intercourse?
(a) Without it, he would have no reason to go on living.
(b) It is healthy.
(c) He feels no emotion from sexual intercourse.
(d) It is revolting.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads the team of gravediggers at the Southern California mausoleum?

2. Where is Cottonwood Ranch located?

3. How can Dr. Poole's emotions at seeing the mating rituals be best described?

4. As Dr. Poole and Loola have sex, what is the Arch Vicar doing?

5. Who was NOT among the team of scientists from New Zealand?

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