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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5: The Script, pages 100-122.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was NOT among the team of scientists from New Zealand?
(a) Professor Grampian.
(b) Dr. Canterbury.
(c) Miss Ethel Hook.
(d) Dr. Cudworth.

2. What derogatory name do primitive men call the primitive women who bear deformed babies?
(a) Tool of the Devil.
(b) Satan's Spawn.
(c) Vessel of the Unholy Spirit.
(d) Mistress of Belial.

3. Who decides to drive to Cottonwood Ranch to find William Tallis?
(a) The narrator and Bob Briggs.
(b) Bob Briggs only.
(c) The narrator, Bob Briggs, and Lou Lublin.
(d) The narrator only.

4. What does Mrs. Coulton believe about how the narrator and William Tallis might have gotten along?
(a) They would have gotten along splendidly.
(b) They would not have liked one another.
(c) They would have been indifferent to one another.
(d) Their political differences would have proved too much for even a casual acquaintance.

5. Why does the narrator of "Tallis" believe that Gandhi was assassinated?
(a) He soundly rejected the real people in favor of nationalization.
(b) Gandhi's followers realized how self-centered he was.
(c) Gandhi was a political animal, and he paid the price.
(d) Gandhi believed only in people, and not in art or politics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What became of William Tallis' second wife?

2. What part of "Ape and Essence" makes Bob decide to read the entire script?

3. Where do the Hots live?

4. Where are the Arch Vicar's books kept?

5. What is the Chief's perspective on sexual intercourse?

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