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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 2: The Script, pages 25-50.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is living on Tallis' Cottonwood Ranch when it is visited by the filmmaker(s)?
(a) The Coulton family.
(b) The Lublin family.
(c) The Briggs family.
(d) The Tallis family.

2. Where do the narrator and Bob Briggs meet at the outset of the novel?
(a) The Studio Commissary.
(b) The Hollywood Cemetery.
(c) The Cottonwood Ranch.
(d) Murcia, California.

3. Why does the narrator of "Tallis" believe that Gandhi was assassinated?
(a) Gandhi's followers realized how self-centered he was.
(b) Gandhi believed only in people, and not in art or politics.
(c) He soundly rejected the real people in favor of nationalization.
(d) Gandhi was a political animal, and he paid the price.

4. What event resulted in the destruction of a majority of mankind in the screenplay?
(a) Robots who turned on their masters.
(b) A deadly plague.
(c) World War Three.
(d) Overpopulation of a poisonous frog.

5. What promise does Bob make to Rosie?
(a) Bob agrees to read her feature screenplay.
(b) Bob agrees to introduce her to a powerful music executive.
(c) Bob agrees to schedule a screen test for her.
(d) Bob agrees to never visit Cottonwood Ranch again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of primate represents the greatest among man, according to the narrator?

2. Where did William Tallis prefer to be buried?

3. What is the subject of the song the female baboon sings?

4. What is Rosie's career aspiration?

5. What is Miss Ethel Hook's desire, with respect to Dr. Poole?

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