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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5: The Script, pages 100-122.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leads the team of gravediggers at the Southern California mausoleum?
(a) Boss Man.
(b) Chief.
(c) The Rat King.
(d) Dr. Poole.

2. On which deity do the primitives blame their problems?
(a) Beelzebub.
(b) Peter.
(c) Belial.
(d) Satan.

3. What destination have the team of scientists from New Zealand chosen?
(a) Russia.
(b) California.
(c) Japan.
(d) Peru.

4. What does the Arch Vicar tell Dr. Poole about his scientist friends?
(a) They were malnourished and fell to a pack of wolves.
(b) They are coming for him now, and he must make a choice as to where to go.
(c) They are all dead from gamma radiation.
(d) They were wounded trying to find him, and there will be no rescue.

5. What job is given to Dr. Poole in the primitive community?
(a) Assistant to the Director of Food Production.
(b) High Altar Supplicant.
(c) Gravedigger Manager.
(d) Robotics Technician.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Arch Vicar, why do his people worship the Devil?

2. In the beginning of the screenplay, the narrator warns that "all too often" Art takes Nature and __________.

3. Who decides to drive to Cottonwood Ranch to find William Tallis?

4. Who is at the very top of the religious hierarchy in the primitive community?

5. Why is Bob Briggs in financial trouble?

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