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Studio Commissary - In Tallis, the narrator and Bob Briggs discuss Bob's problems inside this place.

Cottonwood Ranch - Located in Murcia, California, this place is where William Tallis lives when he writes and submits Ape and Essence.

Script of Ape and Essence - The narrator and Bob Briggs find this outside the studio commissary in the first part of the book.

Canterbury - This is the ship on which the New Zealand Rediscovery Expedition sails to California.

New Zealand Rediscovery Expedition - This is a group of scientists who sail to California to rediscover America.

California - This is the main setting of The Script in 2108.

Hollywood Cemetery - Dr. Poole is nearly buried alive here, and Loola is reassigned to this place after her two weeks with Dr. Poole.

Dr. Poole's Laboratory - This place is located at the University of Southern California, and experiments...

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