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Create a Jeopardy game show format in which students formulate the correct questions to given answers.

Brave New World

Have students read Huxley's better-known novel, A BRAVE NEW WORLD. Compare and contrast the dystopias present in each novel.

Arch Vicar Press Conference

Have a student assume the role of the Arch Vicar. Students should ask the "Arch Vicar" questions, as if they are reporters, and the Arch Vicar should respond in kind.

Visual Art

Have students create pictures of any key scene or location in the novel. The scenes might include the Studio Commissary, Los Angeles Coliseum, on board the Canterbury, etc.

Shelley's Poetry

Since Shelley's poetry plays a central role in the novel, have students select important poems from Shelley's works to read aloud and discuss in class.

Baboon Research Project

Baboons are an important presence in the novel. Have students research these creatures and bring...

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