Ape and Essence Character Descriptions

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William Tallis

This character is the author of the script, Ape and Essence.

Dr. Alfred Poole

This character is the protagonist of Ape and Essence. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Narrator of Tallis

After lunching with Bob, this character finds and saves Ape and Essence by William Tallis when it falls from a dump truck headed for the incinerator.

Bob Briggs

This character is a self-absorbed director and writer who complains about his personal problems to the narrator at the studio commissary in Tallis.

Narrator of The Script

This character makes comments and moral observations on various actions and events through William Tallis' play, Ape and Essence.

Miss Ethel Hook

This character wears tweeds and horn-rimmed spectacles. She is wholesome, efficient and intensely English.


This character is the head of State in Southern California.


This character falls in love and...

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