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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chris want to do?
(a) Discuss the issue with Ikem first.
(b) Suspend Ikem.
(c) Give Beatrice another chance.
(d) Resign.

2. What does Ikem say is the title of his speech?
(a) Samson and Jezebel.
(b) The Tortoise and the Leopard.
(c) Caesar and Brutus.
(d) The Elephant and the Mouse.

3. How does Chris die?
(a) He dies of a combination of shock and heatstroke after learning of the coup.
(b) He stumbles in the road and is hit by a bus.
(c) An old man identifies him as the Commissioner for Information, and he is shot by police for the reward.
(d) He is shot while saving a girl from being raped by a police officer.

4. What does Elewa say about Ikem's car?
(a) It isn't flashy, but it's dependable.
(b) She is proud to be seen in it.
(c) It is dangerous to drive.
(d) It makes her ashamed.

5. What makes Chris smile as he dies?
(a) He smiled because the President was dead and Kangan would be free again.
(b) He was smiling at the irony of how the three once-proud friends had fallen.
(c) He was smiling as he remembered the innocence of the past.
(d) He smiled as he thought of Beatrice, his one true love.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 11, what does the President demand Chris do?

2. In what has Ikem lost his faith?

3. What do the men who visit Ikem want from him?

4. Who names Elewa's baby?

5. According to the poem at the beginning of Chapter 10, what is Africa?

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