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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chris do that angers Ikem in Chapter 3?
(a) Shouts at him in front of the Council.
(b) Hangs up the phone on him.
(c) Forbids him to write a story about the delegation.
(d) Tells a lie about him to the President.

2. According to Ikem, which is the biggest single group of oppressed people in the world?
(a) Women.
(b) Black people.
(c) Urban poor.
(d) Rural peasants.

3. What is the meaning of the phrase uwa-t'uwa, which Beatrice used to repeat to herself as a child?
(a) World within a world.
(b) World without end.
(c) A woman is a woman.
(d) Woman born of woman.

4. What is happening outside as the President holds a meeting with his cabinet?
(a) Gunfire breaks out on the streets.
(b) There is a violent hurricane.
(c) There is a large demonstration.
(d) There is a terrible dust storm.

5. How do the members of the Abazonian delegation receive Ikem?
(a) With jeers of derision.
(b) With a tremendous ovation.
(c) With shouts of anger.
(d) With murmurs of skepticism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mad Medico once do for the President while they are both in England?

2. What is the name of Chris's girlfriend?

3. Where is Beatrice educated?

4. In their conversation near the end of Chapter 8, what does Beatrice urge Chris to do?

5. Who is the President warned may be plotting against him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the relationship between the President and his ministers of government, as revealed in Chapter 1.

2. Why does Agatha refuse to serve Elewa? What does the incident suggest about class differences in their society?

3. Interpret Chris's dying words, "the last green."

4. Why should the President be ashamed, according to Beatrice?

5. What is Ikem's attitude toward women, according to Chris?

6. What message about women is portrayed in the African folk tale about why the sky is far away from the earth?

7. What does the "Sun of April" represent in Ikem's allegory, and what does the allegory imply about the state of affairs in Kangan?

8. Why, according to the Attorney-General, might Christopher Oriko pose a threat? Does the Attorney-General seem trustworthy?

9. Describe the American reporter's manner at the party. Why does Beatrice dislike her?

10. What does Beatrice help Ikem to realize about women?

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