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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the men show up unexpectedly at Ikem's house in Chapter 10, how do they greet Ikem?
(a) With scowls.
(b) With smiles.
(c) Rudely.
(d) In a friendly but insincere way.

2. What typically happens at police and army checkpoints?
(a) The guards take a bribe from the bus driver and send him on his way.
(b) Everyone must get off the bus for questioning.
(c) The guards rifle through the passengers' belongings and confiscate any valuables.
(d) The guards ask for every passenger's identification papers.

3. According to Professor Okong, why has the President been upset with both Chris and Ikem for the past two years?
(a) They have been leaking information about him to the foreign press.
(b) He thinks they have been working behind his back to have him overthrown.
(c) They did not help ensure his election as President for life.
(d) He is still bitter about the way they gossiped about his English girlfriend.

4. What has Ikem done in the past with his writing, according to the visitors?
(a) Pressured the President to change his mind on important issues.
(b) Stirred up trouble.
(c) Helped campaign for newer, safer roads.
(d) Forced the City Council to clean up the city.

5. Who is Ikem preparing to see in Chapter 10?
(a) Chris.
(b) The President.
(c) Elewa.
(d) Mad Medico.

6. What do the visitors say they have heard about Ikem?
(a) He fights for the small people.
(b) He stays home, drinks cold beer, and forgets about the people.
(c) He has caused a traffic accident.
(d) He is plotting against the President.

7. What type of government is proposed by one of the audience members?
(a) A theocratic dictatorship guided by the principles of Islam.
(b) A democratic dictatorship led by the working class, or proletariat.
(c) A Western-style democracy led by the middle class, or bourgeoisie.
(d) An oligarchy led by the educated people of the nation.

8. Which of the following is true about Elewa?
(a) She is semi-illiterate and very insecure.
(b) She is well-educated, but unsure of herself.
(c) She is semi-illiterate, but very self-confident.
(d) She is well-educated and confident.

9. What does Chris want to do?
(a) Discuss the issue with Ikem first.
(b) Give Beatrice another chance.
(c) Suspend Ikem.
(d) Resign.

10. When stopped by a soldier for questioning, what does Chris tell the soldier his profession is?
(a) A taxi driver.
(b) A motor-parts salesman.
(c) A priest.
(d) A mechanic.

11. What does Chris find when he goes to Ikem's apartment?
(a) A letter Ikem wrote to the editor of the Gazette.
(b) Ikem's flat is in a shambles.
(c) Army jeeps are outside the flat.
(d) Ikem's body, along with a suicide note.

12. What makes Chris smile as he dies?
(a) He was smiling as he remembered the innocence of the past.
(b) He was smiling at the irony of how the three once-proud friends had fallen.
(c) He smiled because the President was dead and Kangan would be free again.
(d) He smiled as he thought of Beatrice, his one true love.

13. What message does Beatrice receive from an anonymous caller at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) Chris wants to meet with her that evening.
(b) Chris's hiding place is secure and she should not worry.
(c) Chris must be moved to a new hiding place.
(d) Chris will be sent to London that night.

14. Who names Elewa's baby?
(a) The group of friends name her together.
(b) Elewa's elderly uncle.
(c) Elewa.
(d) Beatrice's servant, Agatha.

15. What does Elewa say about Ikem's car?
(a) She is proud to be seen in it.
(b) It isn't flashy, but it's dependable.
(c) It makes her ashamed.
(d) It is dangerous to drive.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the National Gazette, Chris is spotted wearing what disguise?

2. What do people call the type of bus Chris and his companions take?

3. Who does Ikem liken himself to at the beginning of Chapter 11?

4. According to Ikem, who poses a threat to leadership?

5. In Chapter 11, what does the President demand Chris do?

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