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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the hymn written by Ikem, what is happening to the world?
(a) It is breaking out in a terrible war.
(b) It is suffering from a terrible plague.
(c) It is burning up.
(d) It is drowning in a new flood.

2. What is the crime of Dr. Ofe, the target of another of Ikem's editorial crusades?
(a) He gave the family of a dead patient money to sue the hospital where he worked.
(b) He refused medical treatment to a man who could not pay, and the man died.
(c) He wrote insane graffiti terrorizing people in a hospital.
(d) He injected a patient with an overdose of morphine, and the man died.

3. What does the elder from Abazon call the President?
(a) The Big Chief.
(b) Kabisa.
(c) King.
(d) The Great Ruler.

4. What does the President wish to be called?
(a) Kabisa, or "King."
(b) Major-General.
(c) Your Excellency.
(d) By his Christian name, Sam.

5. To whom does the Attorney-General compare the President during their conversation near the end of Chapter 2?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Gandhi.
(c) Caesar.
(d) Hitler.

6. What is the Eye of God in the hymn?
(a) Fate.
(b) The Moon.
(c) A hurricane.
(d) The Sun.

7. Which best describes the religion practiced by Agatha?
(a) Ancestor worship.
(b) Animism, or spirit worship.
(c) She is an evangelical Christian.
(d) She is a devout Muslim.

8. What does the President do to punish the people from Abazon?
(a) He refused to allow medical personnel and supplies to enter the region.
(b) He sent a military force in to police the territory.
(c) He filled in the wells that were being dug on Abazon territory.
(d) He discontinued foreign aid to the territory.

9. What does Sam originally want to become, before he is steered into a military career?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A doctor.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) A musician.

10. Which best describes the Commissioners' attitude toward the President as shown throughout Chapter 1?
(a) Worship.
(b) Fear.
(c) Respect.
(d) Hatred.

11. On what pretext does a police constable detain Ikem as he leaves the meeting at the end of Chapter 9?
(a) He is forbidden to speak to the delegation or to write about it.
(b) The officer accuses him of colluding with the Abazonians in a plot against the President.
(c) The officer says he is driving an unregistered vehicle.
(d) The officer says he failed to use his parking light.

12. To what does Ikem compose a hymn?
(a) To the Moon.
(b) To God.
(c) To his country, Kangan.
(d) To the Sun.

13. Which of the following is NOT true about the Director of the SRC, Johnson Ossai?
(a) He speaks obsequiously to the President.
(b) He looks strong in a very disagreeable way.
(c) He is young and good-looking.
(d) He is friendly and talkative.

14. What is the name of the school attended by the President and Chris Oriko?
(a) The Royal Academy of Kangan.
(b) Lord Lugard College.
(c) The Boys' Finishing School in Bassa.
(d) Queen Mary College.

15. Who is Mad Medico?
(a) The nickname of Dr. Ofe, a doctor guilty of serious malpractice.
(b) A foreigner who began a crusade against malpractice in the nation's hospitals.
(c) The President's personal physician, who made an attempt on the President's life.
(d) A clinically insane mental patient who staged a protest against a hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is happening outside as the President holds a meeting with his cabinet?

2. According to legend, what happens in times past when the people of Abazon suffer?

3. What is Lou Cranford's attitude toward the President and his staff?

4. What does Ikem think of the President, Sam?

5. What is the meaning of the phrase uwa-t'uwa, which Beatrice used to repeat to herself as a child?

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