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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the powerful man have, according to the expression used by the Abazon elder?
(a) The palm oil and wine.
(b) The yam and the knife.
(c) The lightning bolt.
(d) The ear of God.

2. What other piece of false information is given by the newspaper about Chris?
(a) He is missing and presumed dead.
(b) He is wanted by security officers.
(c) He is now in police custody.
(d) He may have fled for London.

3. Which of the following does Beatrice realize about her servant, Agatha?
(a) She is totally incompetent, but Beatrice loves her anyway.
(b) Although she worships "primitive" gods, she is not a primitive person.
(c) She pretends to be kind, but is really wicked and cruel.
(d) She is religious, but has no sense of charity.

4. What is the meaning of NTBB?
(a) National Telecommunications Bureau of Bassa.
(b) National Trust Bank of Bassa.
(c) No Treatment Before Billing.
(d) Not To Be Broadcast.

5. How do the members of the Abazonian delegation receive Ikem?
(a) With jeers of derision.
(b) With a tremendous ovation.
(c) With murmurs of skepticism.
(d) With shouts of anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the job of Mad Medico's English friend, Dick?

2. What is the real name of Mad Medico?

3. Where is Sam educated?

4. Which best describes Ikem's apparent attitude toward women, as explained by Chris in Chapter 5?

5. On what pretext does a police constable detain Ikem as he leaves the meeting at the end of Chapter 9?

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