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Sketching the Characters

Read the descriptions Achebe gives for the characters of the President, Oriko, Osodi, Beatrice, and Elewa. Then, sketch each character. You may need to do a bit of research to accurately draw Nigerian clothing. For instance, as noted in Chapter 1, the President should wear a traditional white danshiki embroidered in gold.

Council Meeting Role Play

Form small groups to role play the scene in Chapter 1 between the President and members of his Council. You may use body language to show each character's attitude toward the President; for instance, the Commissioner for Education becomes flustered and scatters his papers when speaking to the President.

Advising the President

Imagine that the President wrote a letter to an adviser, asking whether he should visit the province of Abazon. Write both the President's letter and the response from the adviser, using information from the novel. Be sure to include...

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