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Chapter 1

• In the fictional African state of Kangan in the late 1980s, the President meets with his Council at government headquarters.

• The President's Commissioner for Information, Christopher Oriko, insists the President visit the province of Abazon, but the President angrily refuses.

• The other government ministers flatter the President and remind him that he is, after all, the nation's President-for-life.

• Eventually the topic returns to Abazon, and the President storms out in a huff.

• Moments later, a mass protest gathers outside.

• The alarmed President summons his Commissioner for Home Affairs, Professor Okong, described as a politically immoral master of propaganda.

• Christopher Oriko, who has known the President since both were schoolboys, reflects on the disturbing changes in his former friend.

• The President, a former Army Commander, came to power unexpectedly after a military coup and knew nothing of politics; now, his insecurity and greed for power are making him...

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