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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character in the play portrays the ideal woman figure in African culture?

2. How many different settings are there in Aidoo's play?

3. What is Anowa dipping at the beginning of Phase one?

4. Who does the old woman have sympathy for by the end of Phase one?

5. According to Osam, Anowa is not like _____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the old man say about the argument between Badua and Anowa?

2. Why does Anowa vow to never return to Yebi?

3. What does Kofi Ako wish for as Anowa sleeps?

4. As can be seen in Phase two, what is Anowa's chief concern?

5. Describe Kofi Ako's home.

6. Describe the type of relationships that are presented in the prologue and which are said to recur throughout the play.

7. How is the weather of the Ghana coast described in the prologue?

8. As mentioned in the prologue, what do the consequences of the story stem from?

9. As can be seen in Phase one, how do you describe the voice of the old man?

10. How does Anowa die?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how the subjugation of women is relevant in the case of the this story. Use in-text citations to support your reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

By the end of the play, what conclusions can be drawn about the implications of following tribal conventions? Provide different perspectives for this answer, and give your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Given Anowa's refusal to marry a man who is chosen for her, what is said about the values placed on love within the confines of the story?

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