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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the village, in which "Anowa" takes place?
(a) Oyo.
(b) Shona.
(c) Genji.
(d) Yebi.

2. By whom is a large part of Anowa's country ruled?
(a) Germany.
(b) France.
(c) Great Britain.
(d) Spain.

3. As explained in the prologue, who sets up the tale of Anowa?
(a) Tribe elders.
(b) The ghost of Anowa.
(c) Slave boys.
(d) Badua.

4. Which character in the story represents the antithesis of the ideal person, according to African tradition?
(a) Badua.
(b) Anowa.
(c) Osam.
(d) Kofi Ako.

5. What is the ultimate consequence of Anowa's behavior, as stated in the prologue?
(a) Death.
(b) Abandonment.
(c) Disappointment.
(d) Reward.

6. What does Anowa pack up during Phase one?
(a) Food.
(b) Money.
(c) Her belongings.
(d) Her clothes.

7. What is the surest way for Badua to get Anowa to do something?
(a) To force it.
(b) To ignore it.
(c) To forbid it.
(d) To encourage it.

8. According to Kofi Ako's reputation with the village, he thinks himself to be __________.
(a) Destined for greatness.
(b) Too handsome.
(c) Very intelligent.
(d) A con artist.

9. What does Osam attempt in Phase one in order to gain some control/peace?
(a) Retaliation.
(b) Punishment.
(c) An intervention.
(d) An argument.

10. According to Osam, Anowa is not like _____________.
(a) Other people.
(b) Other boys.
(c) Other girls.
(d) He and Badua.

11. In what part of Africa does the "Anowa" take place?
(a) Sahara desert.
(b) Ghana coast.
(c) Nigeria.
(d) Zimbabwe.

12. In the prologue, Aidoo explains this treaty that binds the people of Ghana to the white men.
(a) Bond of 1844.
(b) The Bond of the 1800s.
(c) 1844 Fanti.
(d) Bond of 1845.

13. Who does the old woman have sympathy for by the end of Phase one?
(a) Anowa.
(b) Osam.
(c) Badua.
(d) Kofi Ako.

14. Who does Badua discuss Anowa with at the beginning of Phase one?
(a) The old woman.
(b) The old man.
(c) Osam.
(d) Kofi Ako.

15. Who does Anowa bring her chores to when they are completed?
(a) Kofi Ako.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her mother.
(d) The high priestess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word best describes the connection between Kofi Ako and Anowa, as seen toward the beginning of the play, according to the text?

2. What is the path Anowa is believed to be destined for?

3. What does Badua say in response to Anowa insisting on helping Kofi Ako?

4. The grand theme of this play lies mainly in what?

5. Which of the following does not accurately describe Badua's character, as she is identified in the prologue?

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