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Jeff VanderMeer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 03: Immolation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the biologist take samples of in the abandoned town in 03: Immolation?
(a) The water coming from the sink.
(b) Human remains.
(c) Her own saliva.
(d) Dead animals, a fox and a rat.

2. What does the biologist notice about the psychologist at the beginning of 02: Integration?
(a) She has a black eye.
(b) Her boots are dirty and she is injured.
(c) She looks like she's been throwing up.
(d) She looks like she's been crying.

3. What important feature of the terrain is missing from the expedition's maps?
(a) The maps are completely accurate.
(b) The base camp.
(c) The lighthouse.
(d) The tower.

4. What does the biologist discover underneath the rug in the top room of the lighthouse?
(a) A secret door.
(b) Scratch marks in the floor.
(c) A cryptic note.
(d) The psychologist's severed face.

5. How did the biologist spend her last few nights in Rock Bay?
(a) Spreading gossip and rumors to punish the townsfolk.
(b) Getting drunk in the pub, dreading the end of her assignment.
(c) Spreading pesticides and herbicides to thwart her scientific rivals.
(d) Calling her husband every day because she couldn't wait to go home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the some of the plant life shaped like in the abandoned village?

2. What is unique about the photograph the biologist finds in the lighthouse?

3. At what time of day does a low, powerful moan always sound in the area that the expedition explores?

4. What animal comes at them on their hike to base camp in 01:Initiation?

5. Why does the biologist throw a rock at the lighthouse?

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