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Jeff VanderMeer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 04: Immersion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the biologist spend her last few nights in Rock Bay?
(a) Getting drunk in the pub, dreading the end of her assignment.
(b) Spreading gossip and rumors to punish the townsfolk.
(c) Calling her husband every day because she couldn't wait to go home.
(d) Spreading pesticides and herbicides to thwart her scientific rivals.

2. How does the biologist describe her dad when talking to the psychologist?
(a) She calls him a genius.
(b) She calls him an entrepreneur.
(c) She calls him a madman.
(d) She calls him a conman.

3. Who does the biologist deduce was ultimately responsible for the death of the corpse discovered in 02: Integration?
(a) The linguist.
(b) The psychologist.
(c) The anthropologist.
(d) The boar.

4. How does the psychologist explain the fear that the Southern Reach has for Area X?
(a) If people found out how nice it was in Area X, they would abandon their jobs, dooming the Southern Reach's benefactors within the military-industrial complex.
(b) Area X conceals a terrorist faction dedicated to ending the Southern Reach.
(c) Area X conceals secrets that would damage the Southern Reach if discovered.
(d) Area X is expanding.

5. How does the surveyor feel about the status of the mission in 02: Integration?
(a) She believes that the mission is over.
(b) She believes the mission is now more important than ever.
(c) She believes that the losses so far are mild setbacks.
(d) She thinks they will be more effective without the anthropologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words keep standing out to the biologist in one particular journal?

2. What does the biologist discover underneath the rug in the top room of the lighthouse?

3. What does the biologist find on the landing half-way up the lighthouse?

4. What time does the biologist reach the lighthouse in 03: Immolation?

5. What did the psychologist write about the biologist?

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