Annihilation Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jeff VanderMeer
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Essay Topic 1

The narrator of this text is the Biologist. Write an essay analyzing the pros and cons of Vandermeer's choice to write the text from the first person point of view. Be sure to address the reliability of the narrator.

Essay Topic 2

Is this a feminist text? Analyze specific details in the text to help you support your thesis. Be sure to include the definition of feminist and include a feminist critique of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Vandermeer's use, or lack their of, of names and the ambiguity of language in the text. Why does Vandermeer keep the charters nameless?

Essay Topic 4

Much focus is placed on the mysterious words that appear on the wall of the Tower, which the novel's characters describe as sounding biblical. Write an essay analyzing the rhetorical style of these words and create a thesis that supports or denies that they...

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