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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Herzog receive in Katmandu?
(a) Money from France.
(b) Honors from the Maharajah of Nepal.
(c) Prosthetic hands.
(d) Citations for traveling without permits.

2. What did Herzog learn about the weather?
(a) That the monsoon was moving in their direction.
(b) That snows was approaching.
(c) That the weather would be clear for their descent.
(d) That there was massive flooding trapping them at their location.

3. Where did Herzog and Lachenal spend the night after summitting?
(a) At Camp IV.
(b) At Camp III.
(c) At Camp II.
(d) At Camp V.

4. What was Herzog's first priority while withdrawing from the mountain?
(a) Looking for the climbers who were still climbing.
(b) Saving his fingers and toes.
(c) Staying at camp until the other climbers returned.
(d) Descending before it warmed up.

5. What was Terray's response to the information that Herzog confided in him?
(a) He offered to dispel the tension among the other climbers.
(b) He offered to start taking more equipment up the mountain.
(c) He offered to go back for more supplies.
(d) He offered to start negotiating with the Sherpas.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which of the following did Herzog compare Camp II?

2. How did Herzog depart from his style in describing the descent?

3. What did Herzog ultimately decide about his fingers?

4. Where was the gear that Herzog and his team were waiting for in the Woods of Lete?

5. When did Dr. Oudot operate on Herzog's fingers once they reached the India border?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the amputation of Herzog's fingers and toes.

2. What did Dr. Oudot threaten Herzog with on their descent?

3. Describe the night that Lachenal and Herzog spent in a cavern.

4. Describe Herzog's descent from the Woods of Lete.

5. Describe Herzog and Lachenal's experience of summiting Annapurna.

6. What prediction did Herzog make to Terray?

7. Describe the team's descent from the Woods of Lete.

8. Describe Herzog's return to camp.

9. What question did Herzog ask Ang-Tharkay? What was Ang-Tharkay's answer?

10. Describe Lachenal and Herzog's arrival at Camp IV.

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