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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news did Schatz take with him to Camp II?
(a) That the monsoon was approaching.
(b) That the Sherpas were unhappy.
(c) That supplies were being sent from Base Camp.
(d) That Rebuffat and Terray would organize Camp IV the next day.

2. What did Dr. Oudot tell Herzog about his prognosis?
(a) That he would probably lose his arms and legs.
(b) That he could not tell yet.
(c) That he would be lucky to live.
(d) That he could probably save something.

3. At whose mercy did Herzog ultimately collapse?
(a) At Rebuffat's.
(b) At Dr. Oudot's.
(c) At Lachenal's.
(d) At Schatz's.

4. Where did the climbers descend to after reuniting?
(a) Camp III.
(b) The upper Camp IV.
(c) Camp II.
(d) The lower Camp IV.

5. What did Herzog confide to Terray after digging out in the morning?
(a) That he wished that he had never climbed.
(b) That he would probably die.
(c) That summitting was far too risky.
(d) That he (Terray) should be in charge if Herzog were to die.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Herzog as he descended the ice wall that the team encountered?

2. How were Herzog and Lachenal moved out of the Woods of Lete?

3. What did Rebuffat and Terray insist upon doing?

4. What was Terray's response to the information that Herzog confided in him?

5. Who went to help Herzog and Lachenal at the edge of the Sickle glacier?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Herzog describe Camp II on his descent?

2. Describe the state of Herzog's fingers and toes.

3. Describe the night that Lachenal and Herzog spent in a cavern.

4. What question did Herzog ask Ang-Tharkay? What was Ang-Tharkay's answer?

5. What did Dr. Oudot threaten Herzog with on their descent?

6. How did Dr. Oudot treat Herzog's frostbite?

7. Describe the team's descent from the Woods of Lete.

8. Describe Herzog's condition upon his return to Camp II.

9. Describe Herzog's descent from the Woods of Lete.

10. What happened to improve the condition of the climbers whose spirits had sunk because of the altitude sickness?

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