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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What factors hindered Herzog during his ascent?
(a) Trouble with Sherpas.
(b) The altitude.
(c) Gear failures.
(d) Dissension among the climbers.

2. What did Herzog and his team find when they reached the Pass?
(a) A lake, and another pass.
(b) A serac.
(c) A crevasse field.
(d) A col.

3. Which of the following was Herzog determined not to do as he left Base Camp for Camp I?
(a) Allow the survival of individuals to inhibit the team's progress.
(b) Leave any men on the mountain.
(c) Die on the mountain.
(d) Return without having summitted.

4. Which of the following was decided at the May 14 meeting?
(a) To climb Annapurna.
(b) To get more supplies.
(c) To climb Dhaulagiri.
(d) To keep exploring.

5. What were Herzog and his team prevented from doing because of the weather?
(a) Establishing Camp II.
(b) Establishing Camp III.
(c) Returning to Manangbhot for gear.
(d) Getting word of their progress back to France.

6. Whom did Herzog send to look for the Tilicho Pass?
(a) Couzy and Schatz.
(b) Lachenal and Rebuffat.
(c) Couzy and Terray.
(d) Schatz and the Nepalese guide.

7. How did Herzog feel about Lachenal and Rebuffat's plan?
(a) He was optimistic.
(b) He was depressed about the last option.
(c) He was apprehensive.
(d) He was waiting to hear from them before drawing any conclusion.

8. Which of the following was to take place in early June?
(a) The Santa Ana winds.
(b) A monsoon.
(c) A simoom.
(d) Winter.

9. Whom do Herzog and his team find at the end of their retreat?
(a) Terray.
(b) Schatz.
(c) Ouray.
(d) Lachenal.

10. Which of the following areas served as a retreat for Herzog and his team?
(a) Camp I.
(b) Manangbhot.
(c) Camp II.
(d) Camp III.

11. How many team members were involved in planning the expedition?
(a) 15.
(b) 10.
(c) 8.
(d) 12.

12. Which of the following statements best reflects Herzog's thoughts on May 20 in relation to pressing on?
(a) He wanted to wait to see how the weather changed.
(b) He wanted to go back.
(c) He wanted to wait for Lachenal and Schatz.
(d) He wanted to press on.

13. What did some team members do while Herzog explored an approach to Annapurna?
(a) Buy supplies.
(b) Negotiate with porters.
(c) Acclimatize.
(d) Look for a route up Dhaulagiri.

14. What prospect did Herzog explore when he broke the men into exploring teams?
(a) The north ridge of Dhaulagiri.
(b) The north face of Annapurna.
(c) The east ridge of Dhaulagiri.
(d) The Dhaulagiri Glacier.

15. In addition to the party, how did Herzog and his team mark their celebration?
(a) By taking a day for reading and writing letters.
(b) By sleeping late the next day.
(c) By drinking and dancing with the Sherpas.
(d) By eating their reserve rations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of work did people in Tukucha primarily do?

2. How high had Herzog ascended when he cached equipment?

3. What did Herzog pack for sustenance on his way back to the camp at Tilicho Pass?

4. How did Herzog and Rebuffat set out to join their team?

5. Which of the following approaches to Annapurna did Herzog explore himself?

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